Morning Sickness

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I'm in the thick of morning sickness. This is not something I had with my first so it's all new to me.

What foods are most appetizing to you during morning sickness? For me, it's been milk, fruit, beans, and savory carbs. Donuts are the worst, as well as other fatty or sugary foods. What about you?


  • OriginalKatie
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    For me, when I'm feeling crook I go for rice crackers, fruit, and ginger biscuits. Dry biscuits do seem to help.
  • steph2strong
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    Thankfully my morning sickness ended in the second trimester because it was horrible for 3 months. I had actual moments of crying praying for the nausea to end and to be able to enjoy food again. The worst offenders were dairy (especially yogurt), fruit, vegetables and anything sweet. The only foods I could tolerate were chicken soup, carbs like bread, potatoes, bagels, rice and pasta, chicken, cheese, pizza, french fries, pickles. I still generally crave more meats and carbs and have an aversion to sweets. I can eat veggies, fruit and yogurt though now.
  • NikkiSixGuns
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    Oh man... morning sickness was terrible! I couldn't stand the sight of fruit, vegetables, meat, chocolate... Seems like everything made me throw up. Even water. Oddly, the only things I could hold down during the first 4 months were chili fries and nachos - which I normally don't eat! It wasn't that I craved them, they just didn't make me sick. Unfortunately, after the sickness passed it was immediately replaced by the worst all-day and everyday heartburn and reflux I've ever experienced. Water continued to be the worst offender! That lasted until the day my son was born, then POOF! All done! =)

    The things that got me through the really nauseous/pukey times were strong mints, frozen lemonades, sour patch kids candy, and sometimes 7-Up - sometimes it was too sweet. Ginger ale didn't help at all. Diet of champions, right there... Sometime around month 6 fruit and veggies started being OK again. They didn't ever appeal, but I could at least eat them.
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    I had it way worse this pregnancy! I need bland food. Plain pasta, grill cheese, and crackers. I couldn't handle sweets, fast food, fruits, and veggies.
  • jonniemomof9ak
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    Mints were the best thing to keep it at bay for me.
  • emurfield
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    Mints/Altoids seemed to help. I would have a peanut butter toast/bagel before bed which sometimes seemed to help.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    mints, plain crisps and biscuits

    i cant do fruit, most vegetables, dairy and anything with a strong taste or smell