Weigh-in 9/26

Pmckinzie Posts: 32 Member
Down 0.8
Sept GW 199
CW 204.2
Total loss 11.2 since August
Lost total 13 inches :smiley:
October GW 195

Hope everyone is reaching for their goals!!!


  • WicklowWanderer
    WicklowWanderer Posts: 247 Member
    edited September 2015
    Despite being away for a week on holidays this month, I remain on target to hit and perhaps slightly surpass my goal of 166 to 162 for September. Very happy that my better food choices and slightly increased activity levels are paying off since August. All very sustainable too- a couple of days per week I aim for some intense activity (roller derby, interval training, weights), I try to get a 5k walk in every day (don't always make it) and have swapped bread for salads and ryvita, courgettes/aubergine for pasta (under my bolognese) and peppers/onions for rice (under my bolognese that was turned into chilli). No way in hell am I giving up wine, coffee, the odd square of chocolate or cheese but haven't had to so far. Roll on October's challenge- going to try for 157, a pound loss per week. 155 would be amazing. Congrats everyone for staying on track!
  • rugratz2015
    rugratz2015 Posts: 593 Member
    Hi there! Down a pound this week, thought it may have been 2, so won't make my goal for this month, but hey ho, it's going in the right direction so all's good
  • aamundsoncpa
    aamundsoncpa Posts: 77 Member
    Good job everyone! I'm down another 1.5 pounds this week and 1.5 under my September goal. This has been a much better month - I didn't lose a thing in August. I'm continuing to cut out sugar, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol from my diet. I'm going to try to keep it up for a full 30 days then reward myself with just a little something or favorite meal including a nice glass of wine!
  • Crua7
    Crua7 Posts: 28 Member
    Down1.4 this week. Was down more but had a few Fat Tires last night. :blush: 2 pounds away from my sept. Goal. It's nice to see all the others who are still posting on the spread sheet.

    If you eat the frosting off a cupcake it's just like a muffin and muffins are healthy
  • Rach_B_81
    Rach_B_81 Posts: 38 Member
    Rocking steady at same weight all week :(
    Here's to next month!
  • glorae
    glorae Posts: 7 Member
    I actually gained a pound this week, but considering the stress I'm recovering from, I'm not going to gripe. Seriously. I also didn't meet my goal, but I think I was a little over-ambitious in setting it, so I'm not really unhappy at all.