In Desparate Need of Help

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Hi SideSteel and Sara,

I've lost my way in terms of MFP, working out etc etc.
I've got a new job a new routine, just upgraded my gym membership (full access to the gym, fitness classes, swimming and health suite) and am ready to get serious.

I need guidance on what my intake should be for effective weight loss.
This time last year, I was around 142lbs. As of this morning, I'm 157lbs.
I have a desk job (with some walking now and again), however, now my gym membership is upgraded, I plan on working out 3-4 times a week.
I wear a FitBit everyday, but also wear a Polar HRM to measure calories burned when working out.
Having set my activity level on MFP to sedentary, it's set my calories to 1310 a day (50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein). However, this changes as I'm wearing my fitbit which changes my calorie amounts depending on my activity level.

I hope this all makes sense.
I need all the help I can get - I want to get back to the weight I was this time last year and even hit my goal weight of 140lbs.
What should my intake be and how would you recommend I set my macros?

Thanks in advance!


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    I'll ask for the additional info that will help them.

    Looking at your Fitbit weekly email report - what's your average TDEE normally?

    And that's with a weekly workout routine that's about to change, right?

    Do you manually log any weight lifting on Fitbit's site - since that is of course incorrect per step or HR based calorie burn?

    MFP set your eating goal based on your selected weight loss speed - which was?
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    TDEE: 2121 (average total daily calories burned according to fitbit weekly report).

    It's in the process of changing, yes. I'm playing about with my workouts just now so I can find something that works for me. Think I've got it sorted though - 2 workouts at the gym and 2 classes per week.

    I'm not lifting at the moment. Do a lot of body weight exercises at the classes I go to though.

    My selected weight loss speed was 1lb per week.

    Thanks :)
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    The most important advice I can give you is this:

    You don't need to be perfect with setting your targets.

    Any number I give you is an educated guess. I could be off by hundreds of calories, and your expenditure is a moving target.

    As long as you react to how your body responds, you will be directed to a reasonable intake.

    That being said, heres my suggested starting point.

    1700-1800 cals
    125-140 protein
    55-65 fat
    150-175 carbs

    This is a ballpark figure to start with.