Newbie. VSG pre-op diet starts tomorrow 10/25 - Any advice?

RyanVSG Posts: 19 Member
Hi all! Been reading all the great posts on here for a couple days. My pre-op diet starts tomorrow! Any words of wisdom? Advice? :)


  • EmergingDawn
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    Just started mine today (one day early). No advice other than hang in there :smiley:
  • cabennett99
    cabennett99 Posts: 357 Member
    Just follow the doctors plan, take it one day at a time, and you'll be in your journey to a new you.
  • NewNixi
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    do some cardio exercise (like walking) to help improve your hearts and lungs especially before surgery, it will help you recover from the anesthesia and with the breathing thingy (spirometer) afterward.
  • loveshoe
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    Just follow the diet your dietitian gave you, remember this is only temporary and you'll be able to eat again, and don't cheat if at all possible. I did excessive cleaning of my house during the diet, crawled around on the floor, cleaned baseboards, washed windows, cleaned out closets/pantry, and any other thing I could think of to clean. I came home from the hospital to wonderful clean house that didn't need anything done for at least two weeks while I recovered from the surgery.
  • ThinGwen
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    Drinks lots of water and, every time you want to cheat, ask yourself what's more important to you - eating that one thing, or a successful surgery and fast recovery. Remove temptation to the extent you can - e.g. No Halloween candy lying around. The first few days are the hardest, as your body gets rid of sugar.
  • sinderstorm
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    All of this, and read other threads here. There are many threads in the last few months with detailed advice from many people- click the "All Discussions" link at the top of the thread menu. As everyone said, follow your surgeons' plan- they are all different, so it is hard to give specific advice. Exercise, prepare, and get your house/kitchen ready for your new dietary needs.
  • TN_Tinker
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    Loosing as much as possible pre-surgery will make the post surgery weight easier to come off as well. I suggest loosing as much as possible before and getting the muscles used to moving as well. They will have you up soon after the surgery and it will be easier if you have your muscles used to moving. Start researching your shakes and getting samples to see which ones you like. I agree with the water as well it is very important!
  • anbrdr
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    Knock it out of the park! The folks here know what they are talking about, and will guide you well!
  • Wonderwomanvik
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    Learn to sip your water now. Don't guzzle! Practice drinking small amounts throughout the day! I've been dehydrated 3x's in 3 months! I guzzled water before surgery and you can't do that after.
  • Skylara
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    Don't cheat. Your doc may not know if you do (unless you cheat a lot and your liver doesn't shrink), but you will, and you don't need that guilt when first starting on this journey - it's hard enough. And the pre-op diet is a great time to come face-to-face with cravings, head hunger, stress eating, and the like and see them for what they are and start finding other ways to cope. My coping techniques? Sugar-free Popsicles, walking, and writing.
  • cabennett99
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    I had my RNYGB last Nov 3rd, and having surgery right before the holidays was great! I simply"just said no" to all holiday snacks and treats. This year, I'm no longer a captive to carbs, so while I'm petty unrestricted in what I CAN eat, I have no desire for bread, rice, pasta or sweets. I'll have some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but that'll be it...and I don't feel deprived at all.
  • RyanVSG
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    Thanks everyone! One day down!
  • kimgravitt3
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    RyanVSG, I feel you pain! I'm on day 13 of the pre-op! One more day, then surgery for me is 10-28. I will tell you it has been a struggle for me, but like everyone else has said, you have just got to make your mind up and do as well as you can. Did I slip up? I'm ashamed to admit that I did, but thankfully, it was just a couple of times. I wish you the very best on your journey and I know you can do this!!!!
  • crepes_
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    The pre-op diet was the hardest part of all of this for me, and I'm sure it was for many other people. It's hard, but it's temporary. If you can get through this, you can be a champ post-op. Use things as distractions. Go out and exercise, clean your house, catch up on TV shows you were interested in but never got a chance to watch... anything that will take your mind off food!
  • RyanVSG
    RyanVSG Posts: 19 Member
    Same to you kimgravett3!

    I've done crash diets before and didn't have a problem. I think this feels harder because you're told you HAVE to. Time for some self-therapy on that!

    And yes, crepes_, distractions are fantastic! However the Food Network is probably not a great choice. Figured that out last night when I inadvertently had it on in the background. lol
  • sinderstorm
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    yes, I've banned food network from our show list. I just can't do it anymore, and realistically, most of what they demo is so calorie and fat intense that I'm not able to consider eating it now anyways.

    My coping/distractions are: 1) I got a german shepherd puppy the week after my surgery. May not be for everyone, but he keeps me busy and is a great exercise motivator. 2) reading- I've read more in the last 7 months than the last several years 3)
  • garber6th
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    I know, I'm weird, but I still love watching cooking shows. I think mostly for the creativity factor. I also watch home improvement shows, and I rent an apartment. I don't always make sense :smile:

    As far as the pre-op diet, my surgeon didn't require it, so I have no real advice for that, but as far as what will help you on this journey - follow the plan! Simple advice, but if you do what your surgeon and his team tell you to do, you will be successful. Good luck to you Ryan!
  • rpyle111
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    I also watch a lot of cooking shows. I look for the flavor combinations they are using and then try to incorporate into my cooking. I learned to use fish sauce! Adds really good flavors even though it makes the kitchen smell like feet!
  • AngelaStLaurent
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    I had my VSG on Oct 7th and 7th there is one piece of advice I could give it would be not to over do and stick to the diet your dietitian gives you. Drink your protein shake cause that's going to give you your energy. Good luck on your journey!