Surgery this morning!

kimgravitt3 Posts: 186 Member
Wish me luck! Heading to the hospital for my RNY at 7:30 this morning!


  • AngieViolet
    AngieViolet Posts: 232 Member
    Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery and a new chapter!!
  • annwyatt69
    annwyatt69 Posts: 727 Member
    Hope all goes well! I can still remember the morning of mine like it was yesterday! And it was over 3 years ago. What's hard to remember is my life pre-surgery--the things I couldn't do that I can do now! Get ready for a lot of changes! Hope all goes well for you!
  • ThinGwen
    ThinGwen Posts: 174 Member
    So exciting!
  • Moe4572
    Moe4572 Posts: 1,430 Member
    Good luck!
  • Best of luck to you!!!
  • anbrdr
    anbrdr Posts: 621 Member
    See you on the other side!
  • lenac87
    lenac87 Posts: 383 Member
    Good luck! I wish you a speedy recovery!!
  • rpyle111
    rpyle111 Posts: 1,066 Member
    Prayers for a good surgery and recovery!
  • garber6th
    garber6th Posts: 1,894 Member
    Good luck, hope you have a speedy and easy recovery!
  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    Wishing you best of luck and a smooth and quick recovery!
  • Wonderwomanvik
    Wonderwomanvik Posts: 2,932 Member
    Best of luck
  • kimgravitt3
    kimgravitt3 Posts: 186 Member
    thanks all. I'm doing good. I'm having some pain but not bad. I'm only getting 10 ml of lukewarm water every 15 minutes,
    so I'm thirsting to death. Hoping to go home tommorrow sometime.
  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    Glad to hear you are doing well!
  • boncharlie
    boncharlie Posts: 487 Member
    Good to hear it went well... take it easy and don't rush anything... you will be feeling back to normal before you know it.
  • joysie1970
    joysie1970 Posts: 415 Member
    Congrats! Best wishes for a speedy and easy recovery <3 that 10ml will increase hour by hour, day by day...go get em' girl!
  • jenean52
    jenean52 Posts: 80 Member
    On to recovery !!
    RENAEJAE Posts: 1,136 Member
    Congrats - you will feel human again - be patient! You'll do great.
  • cabennett99
    cabennett99 Posts: 357 Member
    Glad to hear it's going well! Take it easy - walk, breath, drink water and rest.