How many lbs of water wt?

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I have a question for the ladies, I am in mid-cycle/crazy PMS happening here and have been eating higher sodium content foods than usual for the past 3 days (even added salt to a few things). Still staying within my calories/macro nutrients and have somehow managed to gain 7 lbs!!! My usually loose wedding band will not go over my knuckle and eyes are a bit puffy. My question is, how many lbs of that weight gain can I attribute to water? Seeing such a gain on the scale is really discouraging me! I know I should just decrease my sodium and drink more water but I am very hard to reason with in this state!


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    Water retention can be a real pain. What you are describing, yes- it does sound like that is what is happeneing for you. I am not sure where you are in the process (pre surgery or post), but my suggestion is that you continue to follow your plan and let things rebalance themselves-- they will! Have faith! Be good to you. :)
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    Unless you are eating too many calories, I would attribute it all to water weight. I do the exact same thing. I just had a couple days in a row of higher carbs and sodium than usual an the scale went up 6.8 pounds from one morning to the next. I was totally not happy. lol but then the scale was back down 5 of those 6.8 this morning. I'm waiting to see what the scale shows tomorrow. Hoping it's back where it should be.

    But I could also tell it was water because I remember drinking and drinking fluids Wednesday and hardly going to the bathroom at all. Normally I go at least every 2 hours all day long. Sometimes even more than that. lol So I could tell I was holding water.
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    Drink more water to off set the sodium. 7 pounds is quite a bit, but I have been known to gain about 7 pounds just by flying. If your rings are tight and eyes puffy it is a good indicator that it is retention of water. Good luck to you
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    Thank you all for the good feedback!