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I'm 8 months VSG post-op and everything has gone fairly well. No major medical issues or worries have arisen. So I'm trying to focus on eating healthy and exercising regularly, rather than that number on the scale. When I asked "normal" size people how often or when was last time they weighed I get answers like "I don't remember", "maybe a few months ago?", "I only weigh if my clothes fit tighter". These type of answers lead me to think, maybe people that are at a healthy weight don't really focus on that number too much. Maybe they just do the right things.

So... my question for everyone is, what is the longest you've went between weighing yourself? And also, how often do you weigh yourself? I'm beginning to think less often is better. My girlfriend and I have a "challenge" to see if we can abstain from weighing ourselves until Christmas (we last weighed Nov 11). So far so good. o:)


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    Before surgery, I went for most of a decade without weighing myself. My doctor did, but I still felt good regardless of the number. And then it all fell apart.

    Now, I pretty much weigh daily. I only 'count' the Tuesday morning number; that's my official weight. However, I weigh daily, sometimes a few times a day, to see the natural fluctuations.
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    I get addicted to it sometimes. Especially during a stall.
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    I tend to obsess if I do it too often, so I typically do not weigh myself anymore than twice a week. I try for once a week.
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    I do it every day and log it in a notebook. I talked to a new friend who is a senior and who looks amazing, at least 15-20 years younger than she is. She told me she and her husband weigh every day, take their blood pressure every day, and log it in a notebook. If she gains more than 3 pounds she "takes steps" to lose it. I figured If she looks that smoking hot at 78 and after 5 kids, and being a gourmet cook and daily wine drinker, that some of these habits can work for me. Daily accountability to course-correct when needed so 3 pounds doesn't morph into 30. So I log my weight, calories, daily steps and daily exercise in a notebook. But that's me. This is not for everyone.
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    Daily. Not weighing myself is what got me in trouble.
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    every morning i weigh myself
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    I'm three weeks post-op and have been weighing myself almost daily to try to get a feel for what my body is doing. Have had gains the past 2 days and I'm struggling with that, so I wonder if I should back off to once a week.
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    @callikia : Only if it makes you crazy. Those things happened to me. Irritating as poo, but I did it to get a sense for what was going on with me. I have a lot of stalls. One week, 2 week, 3 week stalls. I just have to keep on keeping on. Also, after heavy exercise I either stall or gain. I guess my muscles retain when used more than usual. A day or 2 later it drops.
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    I weigh when I can remember to, but am on every few days at least. Stalls will happen, even with weight loss surgery, and sore muscles (from exercise, or just life) retain fluid for healing. This can show a gain sometimes. Don't let the fluctuations dictate your food choices! Accept them as part of the process, and move on!
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm sticking with my challenge of not weighing from Veteran's Day to Christmas eve. Feeling good. Just focusing on good eating and regular exercise! <3
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    I am at a different point than most of you guys. I am trying to maintain now. I did weigh daily, but I am trying to get to a new "normal." I am weighing weekly, eating a lot but cutting out simple carbs and focusing on complex. Actually, it's working. I am maintaining at 155 pounds. I am really starting to believe it's more about what you eat rather than how much. This is all such a mental game.
  • Well when trying to lose weight, I weigh often - to stay accountable, but once I hit my goal weight I will, no doubt, weigh much less often. Probably only if my clothes are feeling tight or something.
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    when I first started this journey, my NUT recommended only weighing weekly while trying to lose but to weigh myself daily when I switch to maintenance.