almost 3 months post op

chichic77 Posts: 24 Member
well, this 3 months has gone by so quickly! i haven't had any bad experiences with my surgery. i recovered just fine and on the 20th i will be 3 months and i am already down 62 pounds. i'm looking to add friends on here :) i have 2 coworkers that have gotten the surgery as well and my family has been very supportive. i haven't really gotten much negative feedback, but i know it's out there. there is a stigma around weight loss surgery, i'll never understand why. so, tell me about your surgeries!



  • gardendoc
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    I only told a few family and close friends about my surgery because of some snarky comments. When I hit 100 pounds lost a couple of weeks ago I wrote publicly about the journey I'm on. Nothing but positive support. Good job and you can add me to your friends list.
  • nilklynn
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    I was sleeved 7/13. I'll be 3 months tomorrow. I've started telling a few more people. I had a rough time of it the first month, but the scale has been sliding down and I am becoming more active. Overall, I feel great! Feel free to add!
  • pennysteed
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    I was sleeved on 7/15 and have enjoyed my journey so far. I only told a handful of people, not wanting the negative comments. This process is hard enough without the naysayers. Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • deedeetris
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    I was sleeved 7/14 and I am down 41 pounds--slower than I'd like, but I am very happy! Please feel free to add me, too!!! I had planned on keeping it quiet, but I tell everyone!! Nothing but cheers, so I am happy about that!!
  • duffslove
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    I was sleeved on 3/4/15..I slacked this last month, but am back on plan as of this am. I at first only let immed family know, since when I first started my journey not everyone closest to me were supportive..then a few months ago more extended family was told, and last month, several girlfriends were also told...nothing but support and compliments. At 7 1/2 months post op, I've lost almost 95 lbs and hit my surgeon's goal last week..but not mine, 17lbs to go to get to mine! Congrats on how well you're doing..amazing job! Feel free to add me, my journals are open to see.
  • seaghdha1072
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    Congrats Mandy! Glad to hear you are doing so well I such a short time. I was sleeved 1/20/15 and down 85 lbs. Feel free to friend me!
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    add me if you want