Help me "distract" myself from my cardio!

rollinskae Posts: 39 Member
Hi guys and gals!

I've been on a roll when it comes working out, but lately it's getting tougher and tougher to stay motivated. I'm in a stage right now where cardio is REALLY hard if I don't have a way to distract myself. Because running is so hard on my knees at my current weight I use an elliptical machine for my cardio, and listening to music just isn't cutting it.

I know some people like to focus on the burn and think about your progress, and that's great! I'm sure at some point that will be able to work for me too. But for those of you who need that distraction, what do you do? If you watch/listen to anything while working out, could you give me some recommendations?


  • cheloldroyd
    cheloldroyd Posts: 148 Member
    Have you tried an audio book, or watching tv?
  • SuesNewImage
    SuesNewImage Posts: 743 Member
    I listen to podcasts
  • ewoksrule3
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    I find workout dvds - Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Shaun T's Rockin Body or Hip Hop Abs - to be much more fun and engaging than a treadmill or other repetitive things. Do you have access to privacy and a tv where you could do some of your cardio at home?
  • 1cand0it2
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    If elliptical is the solution for you, what about an audio book? Something fun and engrossing... my friend does the machine and calls me while she's on it. Lots of heavy breathing, but a nice visit. (Like beer, I love the elliptical in theory but no matter how much I try, I hate it in reality. It's jazzercise and walking with a friend for me, I need the social; but everyone has their own preference.)
  • rollinskae
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    The social aspect is probably what I need. That would definitely help me get through the workout without being miserable. And I'll look into audiobooks, thank you!