How to walk with a 3 year old???

chaoskitty Posts: 29 Member
how do the parents get exercise in with a 3 yr old? I used to use a stroller, then a push car and she outgrew them both. Looking for ideas, I miss taking long walks!


  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,069 Member
    Can you put her on your shoulders?
  • ShannonMpls
    ShannonMpls Posts: 1,937 Member
    Have you gotten her on a bike? Once my son got the hang of his little bike (at 3-4), walks became awesome. He was fast and loved being out.
  • bkroells
    bkroells Posts: 27 Member
    Get one of those bikes with the long handle on the back end for you to push and she can "ride".
  • roge0195
    roge0195 Posts: 23 Member
    Balance (pedal-less) bike. My kids (now 4 and 6) could ride one at 2 and could ride a regular bike with no training wheels at 5. They can zip around pretty fast! Just wear closed toed shoes (they drag their feet to stop)
  • roge0195
    roge0195 Posts: 23 Member
    Oh I lied - my son is 4 and he rides without training wheels now ;)
  • sophomorelove
    sophomorelove Posts: 193 Member
    I realize it's a little late, but I have a 3 yo and we recently both started ice-skating. Eagan ice arena has the lowest admission rates and great hours for open skating.