Could use some new friends

deejayy89 Posts: 144 Member
So I'm technically type 2 but my dr has put me on an insulin pump... And I want OFF of it! Could use some new friends to help hold me accountable. I feel like "normal" friends just don't get the struggle of losing weight with diabetes. It can get so discouraging!


  • shinycrazy
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    Add me for sure! I have an open diary (both for accountability and suggestions). I'm very active on mfp. Lost 75lbs so far.
  • tweetsmom
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    I'd like to add both of you! Always looking for eating ideas, especially with diabetes involved.
  • ClarissaCLD
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    Hi deejay89, I am in a similar position. Not on a pump, but taking insulin. I am very overweight and it is just so hard to lose it and also deal with diabetes. Please feel free to add me.
  • douglemite2004
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    Hi my name is Sara I am 37 38 in may ....I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes yesterday so it's all very new I weighed myself this morning and I have put 3lb on. Hoping to meet new friends on here I live in Blackpool England feel free to add me xx
  • pamital
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    Hi all. I'm looking for some diabetic friends on here too. I've done many diets and know what I need to lose weight but the big thing for me now is my blood sugar. It has been around 7 every morning this morning which is good for me. Looking to improve that.
  • diabetesdieter
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    I have lost over 67 since diagnosis. My fasting morning is around 85 now. Was 9.4 when diagnosed two years ago!
  • tldiet
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    Hi all, trying to re-commit to this process. Looking for friends and any suggestions to find my way to a healthier me. Thanks, Tamara
  • cherylann11
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    Hello! Im cheryl, im 43 and i live in derby, i was diagnosed T2 end of nov 15, please add me need some fellow diabetic friends for advise, dont know what im doing!!
  • shippan
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    Hi, my name is Mary and I am looking for friends to help with my T2DM All of a sudden, my numbers are rising and am looking for support to get things back in long or maybe go away completely --
  • JaneKnoll1
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    Hi, I am Jane and diagnosed with T2D at the end of April. I have lost 65.2 lbs and my last A1C was 5.5. I take Metformin. Friends can see my diary and I am a foodie that likes to eat yummy but healthy food and have lived by the 80/20 rule. I eat a well rounded diet. Nothing extreme.
    I just turned 62 and walk 10-12k steps daily and am exactly 1/2 way through Couch to 5K. Feel free to add me..I think I am pretty fun too
  • windogpup
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    My name is Tanya and I'm 43 years old. I was diagnosed with T2D two days ago. My 21 year old son is obese as well and has decided to join me in changing our eating habits and ultimately our lifestyle. I would love to have some friends on MFP for mutual support. Feel free to add me!
  • cherylann11
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    Hi Tanya im Cheryl im also 43, been diagnosed a couple of months, my diary is open if u need some ideas of meals etc, you can add me ( i dont know how to do it lol)
  • synchrony16
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    Hi all, I am in the same boat. I was just recently diagnosed, I am 31. I need to lose 60lbs. Please add me as a friend, I need the support!
  • MargaretLunan
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    hi i am open to new friends. i was put on metformin 2 years ago 3 a day i have lost 70 pounds since then and now only take one a day that i will soon be off of the doctor thinks .here is a healthy weight loss group that helps to keep me motivated with challenges we are accepting members
  • fishbarn
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    Hi All I've been T2 for almost 5 years now. I'm trying to recommit to doing what I need to do keep my T2 under control better & losing about 35 more pound. I control my T2 by diet & exercise only. I'm not very good about logging my food, but I do ok at logging blood sugars exercise. I really need some help. Thank you a head a time.
  • DLDzioba
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    Add me! I'm looking for more diabetic friends as well.
  • fattothinmum
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    I'lm down 85 pounds. Managing on diet and fitness, with metformin. My mother is insulin dependent and I'm doing my best to avoid that.
  • Officially_Rosey
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    Hey guys, so I'm not necessarily new to MFP (I joined about 3 yrs back, stopped using the site 'til Feb this year, installed the app) but I'm back because I've had to get serious about my health and weight loss. I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes late January this year, and ever since the diagnosis I've been very determined to lose the weight and to get my health in check. ☺ So far through calorie-counting on MFP and through exercising (joined a gym, and have PT sessions twice per week + attend on other days on a regular basis) I've lost almost 10kgs in 2 months.
    Recently an endocrinologist put me onto a VLCD for a few weeks (he said it's to help get the diabetes into remission) but it will be helpful to see other diabetics' eating plans for when I transition back to regular food. Feel free to add me
  • MargaretLunan
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    I'lm down 85 pounds. Managing on diet and fitness, with metformin. My mother is insulin dependent and I'm doing my best to avoid that.

    fear is a great motivator .with me it is my sister. i have lost 75 pounds in almost 2 years had 2 cuts on my metformin dose in that time