Is it normal to have water lightly hurt your tummy when you drink, but I can eat my 1/2 cup of food and it does not hurt? I have to be so careful when I drink. I had my RNY on Nov.11.15


  • KarlaYP
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    Is it ice water? Maybe try some without ice if you haven't tried. Make sure you aren't gulping too. Sips right now, still.
  • Tawnykakers1
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    It still hurts my belly if I drink too fast. Its a reminder to slow down for me. I don't drink ice in my water so I wouldn't know if it makes a difference but that makes sense.
  • sinderstorm
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    I'm 9 months out and pay for it if water is too cold or I drink too fast. Also try some crystal light or propel in your water, it helps some people with WLS have water sit better.
  • cmchandler74
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    I was a big-time gulper of water before my surgery. I compromise now by taking a big sip but then I divide it into small swallows so that there's not a huge amount going down at one time. It seems to help. Also, @sinderstorm has it nailed for me when it comes to adding flavor. For whatever reason, it seems to help ease the drinking process.
  • MrsDreamer1974
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    I always drink bottled water and I leave it out so its room temp. I have learned NOT to drink big drinks for sure, but I find it strange that it hurts to even drink a small sip.
  • Tawnykakers1
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    Try some crystal light or propel. If that doesn't work I would definitely bring it up at your next appointment. Maybe they will have another suggestion to make it easier for you.
  • joysie1970
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    I read somewhere that plain water has higher surface tension I think (?) than crystal light and it's harder on the new tummy, I had water trouble in the beginning but 9 months out it's good cold or room temp, I prefer room temp though for all my drink except my protein shakes :)
  • gdnplnty
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    I do not like cold drinks, except for my shakes. I always have a powerade zero, water or tea handy in my bottle ready to go, but never cold. My tiny tummy doesn't like the cold drinks. Tends to cramp up a bit. As far as sipping? I can do more now, but not in huge amounts, still spaced out over the day to get it all in. Some days seems to be better than other with the water.
  • Yeah, it actually is. The surface tension of plain water is more than if you add Crystal Light or something like that to it. I have not really been able to drink plain water much since surgery. I'm almost a year out and am now just able to - but only sometimes. I usually have to drink Propel or diet tea.
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    Only problem is if I gulp - have to drink intentionally. Also bubbles can be u comfortable, no soda or beer anymore, just not fun.