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Anyone get to their goal with IIFTM while still drinking diet soda? I usually have 1 diet coke a day to get me going because I don't drink coffee. Thanks!


  • Nayners21
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    I can't say that I have gotten to my goal yet, and I am not an expert. I really believe that drinking one soda a day (whether it be regular or diet) should not inhibit your goals. I would imagine that as long as you are still drinking enough water to allow your body to flush out everything you should be good. Now I must admit, this is coming from a soda-holic. :wink: Good luck (and if it is regular soda, then make it fit into your macros. After all, that's what flexible dieting is all about!)
  • Thanks! So far so good!
  • af_wife2004
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    I haven't reached my goal but, I drink 2-3 diet sodas a day and I'm losing about 1.2 lbs a week.
  • FitForL1fe
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    yea it has 0 calories
  • exoticpumpkin
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    I drink Mello Yellow Zero
  • morgan_mfit
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    Diet pop drinker here! It is goooooood. Lost 20 lbs in 3 months while drinking a can of diet pop everyday. Still have about 10 to lose to get to my goal, but right now still drinking diet pop and losing. I also load my coffee and baked goods with splenda. I drink 4 L of water a day, not sure if there's any correlation between being able to drink diet drinks while still losing weight, and needing to drink a lot of water.
  • BJG7_UK
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    Happily drink diet soda if i want it!
  • Choclaty_Claire
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    Yep, definitely.
  • Coke Zero and Fresca are definitely my go-tos.
  • _Pastafarian_
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    I've been drinking diet soft drinks since the mid eighties and in that time, I've lost and gained 50kg (~100lbs?) twice. It's not the bogey man people make it out to be.
  • jackie_jones83
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    I drink 24-36oz of coke zero every day and have had no problems losing weight. I went from 163-127lbs.
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    The only thing i will mention is take it easy on diet energy drinks as they can effect your adrenal glands when abused. Otherwise low calorie beverages are beneficial for weight loss. Artificial sweeteners (aspartame) actually helps with dopamine production due to the L-Phenyalanine amino acid it contains, so be mindful that can make it addictive like a drug, but for me that is great as i am on anti-depressants also.