Peanut butter powder

I keep reading about powdered peanut butter that has less calories and you reconstituted I think?
Can you please tell me how you use it & if you like it & and where you get it (please)


  • Itreadlightly
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  • retirehappy
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    I use it in smoothies, was doing a lot of it last summer. It is a quick addition of protein and fiber to a smoothie. I like it. Have not tried to rehydrate it and use as peanut butter because I love almond butter so much more than peanut.

    Oh almost forgot I also added it to a store bought tThai cooking sauce, as real Thai food uses a lot of peanuts for flavor, was a good addition to it as it had no peanut flavor at all.
  • wandakc
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    I would love to try that in smoothies !!
  • retirehappy
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    It is labeled as PB2. Forgot to mention that above and I think the website is
    This has the nutrition info as well:

  • Limon421
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    Pb2 is good stirred into plain yogurt also for dipping apple slices in. It can be stirred into cool whip and frozen. ( if you like cool whip) .