Week 4 Weigh In, Challenge & Celebrations

Leebett Posts: 238 Member
1st off Celebrations - over 54 people originally signed up for this group and it looks like we are down to 22 active members. Congrats if you are still working towards your goals. If you know anybody on the list and can help them back on the wagon do it. Remember - you never know when a simple message will help get someone back on track!

Week 2 Top 3 Weight loss
justjoy -8
middyfire -7.6 (sorry I missed you last week)
1cand0it2 -4.2

Week 2 Top 3 % losers
justjoy -3.32%
middyfire -2.70%
justjoy -1.57%

January Top 3 Total Weight Loss
middyfire - 16.6lbs
FiddlinRDH - 15.5lbs
justjoy -13lbs

January Top 3 % losers
middyfire -5.57%
FiddlinRDH - 5.18%
justjoy - 5.12%

Congrats to everyone who has made the January goal already of losing 8.4 lbs or more (100pounds/12months)!
purplemnm72 (sorry I missed your weigh in last week)

This week's challenge is to start thinking about a mini goal for February since next week is February 1st. Are you going to add exercise? Avoid a certain food? Walk "x" amount of steps? Recommit to logging everything? Let us know so that we can be supportive!

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  • HiyaItsMariah
    HiyaItsMariah Posts: 21 Member
    This week I'm proud of myself because I was able to loose the two pounds that I gained last week, and an additional .6 lbs on top of that. I'm Stoked!!

    Starting Weight: 238.00
    Current weight: 226.6
    Week Weight Loss: 0.6 lbs
    Total Weight Loss: 11.4 lbs
  • dawnz75
    dawnz75 Posts: 579 Member
    SW: 236
    LW: 230 (last week)
    CW: 228

    Weird week for me... TOM drove me to extra calories for 3 days, so I ate under calories for the next 3 days. Looking forward to a "normal" more balanced week.
    Thinking of mini goal comes at a perfect time. I need to get back to my exercise routine. Just helps with Weight loss, and makes me feel good.
    Looking forward to finishing out January strong! Who is with me? (For me this is more of a mental thing than a physical one.)
  • Cheryl7777
    Cheryl7777 Posts: 258 Member
    My mini goal for February is to be below 300 by my birthday which is February 26th. I'm 310 right now, so it might be tough but I'm going to try any way. That would really be so awesome for me.
    SW: 319
    CW: 310
  • MommaLovesToLoseIt
    MommaLovesToLoseIt Posts: 271 Member
    Sw 298.6
    Lw 290.8
    Cw 285.6
    Loss last week, 5.2 Overall this year, 13! This is my Friday weight, I might have gained from TOM but won't weigh again till next week, after. My mini goal for February is to minimize the foods that cause me to stall like wine and yogurt and maximize the things that help me lose.
  • christyg74
    christyg74 Posts: 87 Member
    My SW was 263
    LW was 260
    Today 256.4
    3.6 for the week, 6.6 so far!!
  • justtjoy
    justtjoy Posts: 64 Member
    SW 254
    CW 236
    Hope everyone is having a great start to another week!
  • FiddlinRDH
    FiddlinRDH Posts: 15 Member
    starting weight: 1/2/16 299.2
    1/10/16: 286.5 (-12.7)
    1/18/16 283.7(-2.8)
    1/25/16 281.00 (-2.7) (-18.2 total)

    My mini goal for February is to use my kettlebell 2 days a week.

    Keep on keeping on and stay positive everybody!!!
  • jenjen0719
    jenjen0719 Posts: 58 Member
    okay I know I haven't been great about checking in and posting my weekly stats...but here is where I am...

    1/2 - 368.8
    1/10 - 366.6 (2.2)
    1/18 - 365.8 (0.8)
    1/25 - 363.6 (2.2)

    I feel I'm holding a steady decline...hoping to improve as time goes on.

    Way to go for all your great losses! We are doing great!
  • Leebett
    Leebett Posts: 238 Member
    I'm at 293.2 down .6 this week

    A loss is a loss, but I've got to do better on the weekends! I was at 290.8 on thursday. Having constant access to food just proves that this is truly an addiction for me. That's my Feb goal weekend preplanned meals
  • msalewske0001
    msalewske0001 Posts: 6 Member
    1/27 - 230 lbs
    1/23 - 220 lbs
    I lost 10 lbs in January. Great start.
    Congratulations to everybody.
  • titinil
    titinil Posts: 142 Member
    SW 239
    LW 234
    CW 232

    A 2 pound loss for a total of 7 pounds to date.
  • angel388
    angel388 Posts: 83 Member
    SW 300.8
    Week 1 300.8
    Week 2 298.6
    Week 3 296.0
    Week 4 il weigh in on Thursday

    Loss 4.8 pounds.

  • tjames30
    tjames30 Posts: 229 Member
    Starting Weight: 267.0
    Last weeks weight: 260.4
    Current weight: 257.6
    Week Weight Loss: -2.8
    Total Weight Loss: -9.4 lbs

    February's goals are to continue my T25 workouts and log and stay under calories everyday! Also, hoping to add in some walking when I can.
  • kilara21
    kilara21 Posts: 69 Member
    SW: 265
    LW: 252
    CW: 249

    I'm very proud of you all for keeping at it. I know it's hard for me, some days I think..."Oh I'll just skip today". But I know that leads me back to where I don't want to be..not caring about what I eat and not exercising and ultimately gaining weight. So I get up and get to it, tracking meals, exercising, etc. My goal for February is to try to incorporate some form of weight training into my daily exercise routine. Anybody else have Brighthouse and uses their Fitness on Demand channel?
  • KarenGa4
    KarenGa4 Posts: 148 Member
    I lost 4 lbs this month. I'm not worry I'll catch up to our fantastic January weight loss winners or should I say losers. Congrats everyone!
  • ICameToGetDown
    ICameToGetDown Posts: 958 Member
    I am down 2.4 this week!
    SW 251.4
    CW 245.9
    For 5.5lbs to this challenge

    For February, I am going to keep at my momentum for good eating and kick it up with the exercise and follow T25
  • Cheryl7777
    Cheryl7777 Posts: 258 Member
    I've lost one pound for this week. I'm down 10 pounds for this challenge.
    SW: 319
    CW: 309
  • purplemnm72
    purplemnm72 Posts: 37 Member
    I am down 2.8lbs this week
    Down 12.8 for the challenge :smiley:

    Sw .. 358
    Cw 345.2
  • justtjoy
    justtjoy Posts: 64 Member
    LW: 236
    Woohoo down 4 ..
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    SW: 299

    Lost 8 lbs in the month of January. Thank GAWD my little challenge of weighing at the end of the month only is finally OVER!!! That was too hard to not jump on the scale.