Introduce Yourself and Share your Goals - Week #1

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Hi everyone! While I'm still trying to get the hang of managing a group, I'm trying to start a thread for week 1. Hopefully, this time it works well.

Thanks to Emily for introducing herself and getting us going. Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 100 or whether you'd simply like to make better eating choices or train for a marathon, the purpose of this group is to help anyone stay committed to their personal fitness goals. So think of a 12-week goal - what do you want to accomplish or change by April 24th? And then, how are you going to get their by the choices you make each week? So what's your focus for week 1 - February 1st?

Keep each other accountable and let's do it - together!

I'm very pleased with myself that I actually made it to the gym last night and did 45 minutes of cardio. Seriously, this was my FIRST cardio session in well over 6 months. I'm going again tonight, so that's a really short term commitment - TONIGHT I WILL GET TO THE GYM AGAIN. It's a 24-hour gym, so I have no excuse for not going.



  • Mjtckwnow
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    I'm M.T. and a 45 year old mom & wife
    I was doing okay losing weight last year and then starting gaining in September so I decided to re-commit to MFP and start logging again.

    CW 2/1/16 = 164.8 lbs.
    My height is 5'5
    My final goal weight is in the 124-129 range

    My current exercise plan is to commit to starting and completing the 8 week PIYO (pilates/yoga) program which I have started and quit several times and continue running 5-6 times per week.
    My current food plan is to work on portion control, reducing mindless snacking, avoiding processed (junk) foods, limiting wine drinking, & weaning myself off sodas (Coke Zero).

    My focus this week is cooking with fresh ingredients everyday and I really hope that the snowy sidewalks clear up enough so that I can get off the treadmill and return to running outside.
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    Hi! My name is Jenn. My goal is seems simple but is struggle- eat better!! I want to lose 40 lbs this year, so I if I could loose 20-25 lbs in 12 weeks I'm be very happy! I need to stop bad snacking (and mindless munching!!) and make better choices everyday. I'm currently working out but need to step up the cardio!
    1. Stick to the 1200-1300 calories a day
    2. Be more positive and stop beating myself up!

    I work full time, have 2 very active kids, and have a hubby how can eat whatever he want's and never gain a pound! I need all the help and support I can get!!

    Good Luck all, we can do this!!
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    I'm Julie, a 48 year old mother of 2. My goal is to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks. I plan to
    1. Up my water intake to 6-8 glasses a day and limit my diet pop to 1 a day.
    2. Plan snacks 3 times a day that include vegetables, fruit, or protein bar.
    3. Walk 10,000 steps a day, and incorporate PiYo or Jazzercise 5 days a week.
    4. Have a positive outlook and be positive support for someone else.

    I hope I posted correctly. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi Jenn and Julie! Great to have you on board. I'm still getting the hang of putting the discussions up, but anyone else can feel free to create them, too. Ready both your posts reminded me to drink more water (glug, glug), so thanks for that reminder! I find that when I don't drink enough water I am much more prone to snacking. Like thirst = hunger for me and next thing I know, I've gone down the rabbit hole of snackaholic despair!
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    Hi, my name is Tina. I am 46 years old. I have 3 grown kids and 4 grandbabies. I have been married 25 years now. My short term goal is to lose 15 pounds. I am 5'2" and current weight is 177.7. My doctor is encouraging me to eat better, exercise more and drink less wiggly pops. All doable stuff...just need more encouragement to stay at it.
    1. Eat more regular meals...I have a hard time eating breakfast and lunch so a lot of my calories come later in the day.
    2. Get my 10,000 steps every day.
    3. Try to get some sort of workout in on the weekends.
    Its something to work for. Good luck everyone!
  • Sillybee727
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    Hi. I'm Kari, will be 39 this month and am the mom of a four year old.
    I'm 5'6"
    Eventual GW-159

    My 12 week goal is to lose 15 lbs to get to 184, which I haven't seen since before I was pregnant. (I've been up and down the same 20 lbs for years now.) Controlling portions can be tough for me when my husband keeps eating junk or I'm busy and getting home late from work or grad school.

    Right now I'm working on breaking a long term pattern:
    1. Get fed up with my weight and set crazy loss goals
    2. Seriously restrict calories and exercise like a maniac
    3. Get frustrated by lack of results in 1-2 months and say f*** it.
    4. Drink wine and eat cheese/ stay fat

    So, my goal this week is just to work on being realistic, take it slow, stay within 1200-1300 calories and do *some* activity each day without burning myself out or hurting myself. Minimum of 10,000 steps if nothing else. I also took measurements this morning so I can track inches in addition to weight so that I don't give up if the scale doesn't move quickly enough.
  • lizadaze
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    Hey Kari, those are some great goals. I have been prone to the same patterns and finally feel like setting realistic goals over manageable period of time work much better. Good luck!
  • mckat08
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    Hi all, I'm Kathy and will be 52 this summer, I have been with my husband for 31 years and we have a son that is turning 30 this month.
    I'm 5'5', CW 250 :'(
    I don't have a specific goal weight, I need to figure that out as I go. In the past I've set unrealistic goals that ended up overwhelming me. My first steps are:
    ~log all food and activity daily
    ~cardio at least 5x per week and incorporate weight training at least 2x per week
    ~eat to live rather than living to eat (put down that wine bottle) ;)
    ~stay positive about every victory, even if it doesn't show on the scale
    ~make my health my #1 priority

    I'm really excited about being a part of this group!
  • thatthingyoudoula
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    Hello. I'm a certified doula and nursing student.
    I'm fairly thin looking as I carry most of my weight in my thighs, butt and chest, making for an hourglass, but not making me happy. I feel horrible in shorts and have to wear tights to feel okay in a dress. I am ashamed of my legs because of the excess fat on them and I'd like an even smaller waist. I'm focused on losing the weight covering my thighs and butt, as I do have muscle, but it's not as apparent as I'd like. I want to be thinner and toned up.

    CW: 167 lbs.
    GW: 135 lbs.

    I do walking 45 min. daily, 10k steps and 25+ squats religiously. Being fit but not killing my drive is important, so burning calories and toning through walking and squats is the way I feel I'll reach my goal.

    I plan on adding 30 min. of elliptical daily as well, once I'm brave enough to venture to the gym again. Hopefully, I'll eventually build I tolerance to do 1 hour daily.

    I'm currently a size 6, but I'm small framed and medium height (5`6) and basically look "skinny fat" out of my clothes. I don't want that. I want lean and toned, not little and pudgy.

    Thank you for letting me join. My goal size is a 3, and to feel great in a bikini again without starving.

    I do intermittent fasting (20/4) daily where I eat between 6pm and 10pm. I love it and it's really helped me. My goal is between 1000-1200 calories daily, with no pressure to eat more or less than I want to in that range.

  • kesslemg
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    Hello! My name is Melissa and I just turned 40 in December. I am a mom to 2 boys ages 10 & almost 8. I have yo-yo'd with my weight most of my life. The most success that I have had is with Weight Watchers but am looking to try something new without the hefty price tag. I am a stay at home mom but remain fairly busy volunteering at the boys school and the local hospital. I work out religiously 5 mornings a week and stay fairly active.

    Julie please let me know what you think of PIYO. I am currently doing Focus T25 and am on the gamma cycle.

    CW: 199.4
    GW: 189 (in 12 weeks)

    Goals for this week:
    1. Stop eating after the boys go to bed.
    2. No wine Mon. - Thurs. (this will be tough because I LOVE my nightly glass or 2 of wine!)

    Can't wait to get started on this journey!
  • lsabeIIe
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    I'm Isabelle, 37 yo.
    I'm really close to goal weight, I want to lose another 10-12 lbs and then figure out the best way to maintain.

    CW: 150lbs
    GW: 138lbs

    So clear goals would be:

    -Workout 5 days a week (3 days strenght, 2 days cardio)
    -Preparing food

    Good luck everyone !
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    Hi, found you guys, yay!

    I'm Kate, a former lifetime WW member who was turned into to MFP a little over a month ago and have lost a 6.3#. I'm 62, 5'10" and started in April 2015 at 208#, but Ill use my starting weight when I joined MFP.

    BW: 191.4 (12/22/15)
    CW: 185.1 (1/30/16)
    GW: 172 (7/1/16)
    12 week goal -12 (4/30/16)

    From my WW experience I've found slow and steady wins the race. If I try to lose too fast, the new habits don't stick and I creep right back up.

    Besides the weight loss, my goals are to try a new food or recipe each week, incorporating more fruits and veggies. I also need to amp up my exercise. I currently walk my dogs approx a mile every morning, work out for 30-40 minutes on a treadmill before Yoga class on Saturday's, and ride my horse 2x a week (and pick his paddock 2-4x a week). My step goal is currently 10k a day, which I come close to or hit each day; but days at the barn I'm always an over achiever :) Hoping this challenge will help keep me accountable and motivated!

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    Hi, I'm CJ

    I'm really pleased to have found this group (thanks Elizabeth and everyone)
    because 'finding support' is one of my strategies for reaching my goal, instead of giving up partway and regaining which I have done for several years. I'm 43.

    Over 12 weeks I'll set a goal 0f 10-12 lb
    Overall have 30lb to go.

    CW 160lb (I'm short, just over 5'3")
    GW 130lb

    I was planning to weigh-in every fortnight not weekly, because I find weekly fluctuations so discouraging, contributing to giving up. But I might just do what everyone else does...

    I'm motivated to lose because I want to enjoy exercise without injury and less breathlessness.
    I enjoy mountain biking, badminton. I jog (with little enjoyment!) but at present have foot injury. At Easter we're going to Lake District - I want to zoom up those hills!

    This week:
    Like Melissa have goal no wine (etc) Mon - Thurs. Managed it last week!
    Try to log Sunday. Always a super-busy day in our house and food everywhere.
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    I'm so thrilled to see everyone here and read all your introductions, aspirations and goals. We are all different but I am motivated and inspired by everyone, which is so cool!

    And you know what? We can all achieve our goals. No one is looking for the impossible or has unrealistic expectations. But doing your very best to stick with your weekly goals will help you reach the success you desire 12 weeks from now.

    There will be failures - all of us will fail and feel lousy and beat ourselves up and want to quit, but don't quit! Come here and share what's going on. Look for and give support.

    I will start a new midweek thread tomorrow so we can do a check in to share how we're doing with this weeks goals. Remember, accountability can be a great motivator. I almost punked out on my workout last night, but didn't because I had said on MFP that I was going to do it!

    Keep up the good work ladies, and let's finish week one strong!!
  • momof2boyz832
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    Hello, my name is Kristine. I am a 40 year old single mom to a teen and preteen boys.

    I have been on this roller coaster of gaining and losing weight since I was a teen. Last year I decided I had enough. I had to look into my behaviors and attitudes and see what was sabotaging my goals.. I am definitely an emotional eater, a bored eater, a snacker when I drink a couple glasses of wine.. I love to eat..I have also discovered I will eat almost anything..even things that do not taste good...even when I am not hungry..I am trying to be more conscience about the mindless eating.

    I know what works for me in regards to losing the weight...eating between 1400-1600 calories, cutting back on carbs and sugars and exercising on a regular (daily) basis. I can stay on track for months and then I veer off to the left..I gain back 10 lbs..feel miserable emotionally, mentally and physically and back on track I go..

    January was my warm up month..logged food everyday, not necessarily all the meals every day and got back to making friends with the treadmill.. Now to get the proper mindset..

    CW 190...
    GW (at the end of 12 weeks) 180lbs...
    Ultimately 365 days...165lbs...

    I am here to support anyone that needs it and hope to receive the support and motivation needed to stay on track this time....

    Short term goal..this alcohol..That should be a challenge as I have a bachelorette party to attend on Saturday.. Log 25 miles walking this week..

    Thanks for the invite :)
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    I like PiYo a lot! I've only done 4 workouts. I feel like it's already helping my balance. Try it on YouTube before you buy.
  • sehar35
    sehar35 Posts: 23 Member need motivation
  • lizadaze
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    Welcome Saira! You're part of the group now and I also sent you a friend invite.
  • Deborah_Love
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    Hey, my name is Deborah. I am a 22 year old student.

    My starting weight is: 89.9kg (198 pounds)
    My overall goal weight is 60kg (132 pounds)

    So think of a 12-week goal - what do you want to accomplish or change by April 24th?
    During the course of this challenge, I want to lose 10kg (22 pounds), which is a big goal and I don't mind if I don't make it exactly, but somewhere close to that range. Just to have something to strive for :)

    And then, how are you going to get their by the choices you make each week?
    Following my eating plan and making good choices.

    So what's your focus for week 1 - February 1st?
    Starting my eating plan!
  • martinezkrauss
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    Hello everyone - I'm Jonathan - 45 yrs old. Looking to go from 230 to 165 by Jan '17. My previous attempts to get below 200 are undermined by snacking esp. after I lose 10-15 lbs - I get excited at that point and then I feel I have my eating under control to only slowly gain again. It's so frustrating! I look forward to holding myself accountable to the group thereby achieve success. My goal is to be consistent everyday with my food/exercise tracking for the next 12 weeks. A big behavior change for me is my new iPhone - previously had a basic cellphone - much easier to track food habits on app. consistently without having to get on the computer. Good luck to you in achieving your goals this week!
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