Lean on Me - 12 Week Fitness Goal Achievers

This group's first 12 week challenge begins February 1st and ends on April 24th. However, we welcome members to join at any time as each Monday will begin new goal setting and commitment check-ins.

The commitment challenge is simple, but meant to provide support, motivation, and ultimately, accountability for achieving your goals.

Here's how it works:

1. Establish your 12-week goals and articulate those to the discussion group. (So by April 24th you'd like to ...)

2. Log your food and exercise DAILY. No excuses! Put this app on all your devices to make it easy to stay in touch.

3. Share your challenges, frustrations, progress, success with the group. Support others with advice and feedback.

4. MONDAYs - Weekly progress updates: weight lost/maintained, minutes exercise, clean eating, protein goals, steps, etc. Also share at least one achievable goal for the week ahead.

5. What else? Any other suggestions for how to make this group successful and supportive for you?
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