February 2016 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • lamlamsmakeover
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  • lamlamsmakeover
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    Hope you're all enjoying some unseasonably warm weather like we are here in Minnesota TODAY! For tomorrow the forecast is for a blizzard and anywhere from 1-9" of snow depending on which part of the state you live in. :smiley:


    Same here in Wisconsin.

  • 2essie
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    3.61 miles walked today.

    Weather is awful. We just have one storm after another. Torrential rain, gale force winds and flooding. Fed up with it now. It has been going on since November.
  • sufferlandrian
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    @Dave - We are enjoying quite a bit of snow. :smile: I love it!

    @clepant - Way to go hitting 10,000 miles. If you give yourself a dollar for every mile, you could afford a really nice bicycle now. :wink:
  • kar328
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    1 exciting mile of laps around the halls at work. Also did 5 minutes of planks with two coworkers in an empty room. Who knew I could hold a side plank for a full minute? :smiley:

  • Just_Ceci
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    @kar328 <3

    I ran after work yesterday for a total of 4.95 miles with the walking warm-up and cool down.

  • carlsoda
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    Yearly walking challenge: 110/1200 miles

    February goal: 100 Miles

    2/01: 5 miles walked

  • betancourtky
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    edited February 2016
    I'm in going for 200 miles this time, since I owned my last goal, hopefully the weather clears so I can pull out the mountain bike or blades!!
  • wanderan
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    i'm in with 100 miles this month. Starting with 7.4

  • KariD1114
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    Please put me down for 80.
  • KariD1114
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    2/1 = 2.37
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    An even 7/65 miles complete as of this morning!
  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    YAY!!! Also making GOAL for JANUARY were @QUEENEGREENE, @KARID1114 and brand newcomer, @BETANCOURTKY!!!! :drinker: :drinker: I love seeing new people jump right in and being successful!!


    And @KAR328 - Congrats on the side plank!! I don't think I've ever even tried one... lol

  • LadyPersia
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    100 miles
  • Tazzythatsme
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    Only 50 this month . I start classes this week , stressful indeed . If I can do more I will, but if not 50 is still a good goal to attain .
  • amazingmummy
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    Could you please add me for 45 miles in Feb. Thank you. :)
  • sufferlandrian
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    Starting the month off right. 25 miles out of 150. Bike and XC skis. Gotta love winter. :smile:
  • Lovemyalex
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    Exercise total for


    30.24 miles (exercise bike) & 1.72 miles (cross trainer) & 2.2 miles walking

    34.16 miles for today

    63.76 miles done MTD
  • vhuber
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    I really did move my @ss today. 10 on ex bike at 4:30 am before work, WORK (wish I could collect miles for that cuz I'm on my feet the full 7.5 hours), 3 miles walking with the 4 furries and 2 miles on the elliptical. It was a good day!!

  • xxghost
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    Woo! Kicked butt today!

    11.75/100 miles!
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