Why Weight Training is the Ultimate Fat Fighter!

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My trainer shared this article with me this week and I've been trying to paste in here to share with all of you. No luck with the pasting, so I'm just going to type it, cause, it is seriously THAT good.

I just got started with weight training (like this is week 1), but I am already obsessed with it. This article has me even more motivated to train harder and get stronger. So here it is.

While muscle burns calories, more muscle burns more calories. That's because the physical work you need to do to build and/or maintain muscle can have a dramatic effect on your overall metabolism. Research shows that a single weight training session can spike your calorie burn (metabolism) for up to 30 hours after you lift ... (and remember, that doesn't include the actual calories you burn while you're actually exercising!).

The long term calorie burn you enjoy from building muscle does more than just eliminate extra weight. It specifically targets fat! A study conducted at the University of Connecticut showed that people who built muscle lost almost 40 percent more fat on restricted calorie diets than non-exercisers and than aerobic exercisers!

Another reason weight training is the ultimate fat fighter: The more muscle you have, the better your body uses the nutrients you consume, and the less likely it is to store your food as fat (fuel efficient). Your muscles store energy (calories) in the form of glycogen. When you exercise, your muscles call upon that glycogen for fuel. After you exercise, your fat storing hormones are subdued because your body wants to use the incoming carbohydrates to restore the glycogen depleted during your workout. So the carbohydrates you eat after exercise are stored in your muscles, not in your spare tire. :D

It gets even better: If you complete a high intensity workout - your body will burn calories at an advanced rate for hours afterward, and it will be desperate for energy to keep your heart beating. Since the food you're eating is being stored in your muscles, your body has to hunt for something else to burn ... Guess what that is? ... Fat!

There is nothing else on earth that can get your body to do that - only Weight Training. Not aerobics, not dieting ... only Weight Training.

So next week, I'm going to invite a guest editor to share tips with us on strength and weight training. From easy to do at home, getting started tips and techniques, to mixing up your routine and getting the biggest bang for your workout bucks.


  • martinezkrauss
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    Excellent article Elizabeth. Very motivating. Thank you. - Jonarhan
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    I am a strong believer in weight training. When I was regularly attending boot camp classes and lifting at least twice a week was when I had felt the best that I had in a very long time. I need to get back into it. That may be a goal for me in weeks to come....
  • Sillybee727
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    I want to be a believer, which is why I started Stronglifts this week. I've never weight trained before, so I'm starting -as recommended by others on here- with just the bar. I look ridiculous ...but hopefully developing proper form now and building up very slowly will make me successful.
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    I agree. When I lost successfully in the past (few years ago now) I was combining weights class (bodypump) with watching my calories (weight-watchers style.)

    Mind you, I still prefer cycling, and good to have healthy heart and lungs. But for weight loss and getting trimmer, weights are far more effective for me than jogging and cycling.

    I think there are other benefits later in life to retaining muscle mass, but I don't recall the science.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Am doing a weekly bodypump class, I feel encouraged to do a midweek mini version at home now.
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    When I was weight training I did feel great and had more energy. Time to get back to weight training at least 3 times a week. Thanks for sharing the information on weight training and reminding me how important it is for me.
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    I'm so glad more of you are thinking about this too. Even though I've had some muscle aches from the weight training this week, oddly enough I find that my joints don't hurt as much and I have a lot more energy than usual.

    Weight training is very good for women and helps with osteoporosis and arthritis, both of which I have. I'm 51 years old and have lost 2 inches in height already since my late 20s! The short I get, the fatter I feel, too! Haha!!

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