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Over 2 weeks have lost 3.5lb - yay!
Also 2cm off waist, 1cm off hips.

This week goals:
Continue stay off the evening snacks/sherry
Add a midweek home fitness workout (weights)
Kids birthday coming up - don't graze on the bits of party food, birthday cake etc, especially when preparing food.

Had to buy a new pair of scales this morning, after old ones (even with new battery) had gone crazy. Broken scales was not the start to the morning I wanted, after keeping off the scales for two weeks and awaiting encouraging results! But trust this new pair are accurate (hubby says his weight reads same.)

Checking in now before rest of day gets rather busy - is anyone else in the UK are are you all stateside and still asleep just now?!


  • Sillybee727
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    Started the day pretty frustrated, having gained 2 lbs despite a tough week where I met all my exercise goals. I even met calorie goals, though I ate back most of my exercise calories. This is usually the type of setback that knocks me off the wagon.

    So, checked my measurements, and really glad I decided to track those this time. I have lost 1.5 inches off waist, -1 navel, -1 hips, -1.5 thighs. Some online body fat calculator is telling me I've lost 2% body fat too. Now I am pretty skeptical if that, but even if my measuring isn't perfect I'm moving in the right direction, and am going to hold on to that small success.

    This week's goal to keep it up, focusing on getting started with weight training. I also have decided to only weigh myself once per month so I don't drive myself crazy. Finally, work toward only eating back half my exercise calories.

    I'm in Washington DC cutlymop3. Good morning and good job!
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    Good morning (and afternoon) friends! Today is a snow day for us here in New England, so I am writing to you from my comfy warm bed where my two pups, Lily Mae and Clara Belle, are snuggled up beside me under the covers. Here they are in their own bed! 88s9w1d4gs31.jpeg

    Thanks for getting us started Curlymop3! Today starts a new week, which means we reflect back on last weeks' achievements and challenges and set new goals for week two.

    I had a good week, it wasn't perfect. But instead of striving for perfection, I think we should be striving for progress. So on that front, I really had a great week! I made more progress on the exercise front then I have in over a year and it feels great! Five solid workouts including two with a trainer. Meal planning also worked out well, even for the Super Bowl. I did munch on a few chips, bread, and popcorn last night, but didn't partake of wings or pizza. My grilled Greek shrimp was a total hit and completely gone by the end of the party!

    I lost 4 pounds this first e pas week, which is good but hard-earned and reminds me of all the effort it really takes for me to lose. Total of 75 lbs gone, which makes getting to that 100 lbs loss by the end of our first twelve weeks seem possible.

    This week, my goals are pretty simple:

    1. Take measurements, today!
    2. Do not step on the scale! I have seriously been wanting to peek but promised my trainer I wouldn't.
    3. Keep on track with food choices and stay away from sweets.
    4. At least another five solid workouts at the gym plus other exercise as possible. Such as snow shoveling today. Yuck!

    Make it a great one everybody!!
  • lsabeIIe
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    Wow! Everybody is doing great!

    @curlymop3 3.5 lbs !! That's awesome !!

    @Sillybee727 I'm glad you decided to take measurements! You must be proud. Sometimes the scale...(...) ;)

    @lizadaze "But instead of striving for perfection, I think we should be striving for progress." You are absolutely right! Good job on your loss !!

    I'm happy this morning !

    SW: 176lbs
    CW: 150lbs
    GW: 138lbs

    Week one weigh in (8 Feb): 148lbs (-2lbs) Yay! :smile:

    Next week goal:

    Be more carefull with calorie intake. How ?
    -Drink more water.
    -Brushing teeth after meals.
    -Preparing some portions in advance

    For the exercise part, I must say, I'm proud of myself. I realise I'm in darn good shape! I'm doing great and I have no trouble completing my workouts so, I'm gonna up the challenge a little bit. This week I will do 60 mins workouts, instead of 30. 5/7.
  • curlymop3
    curlymop3 Posts: 28 Member
    "Progress not perfection" - going to be repeating that to myself!

    @Sillybee727 I'm weighing fortnightly, for same reason as you. Measurements too, in case they are more encouraging than scales. And so far haven't peeked once, will try and repeat the no-peeking this fortnight.

    I love reading everyone's goals. Gives great ideas for future weeks. :-)
  • journey2sugar
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    Hello all! I'm psyched and ready to go this week after a great 4.3 lbs loss on the scale (it's prob just water weight, but I'll take it! lol). I have a few goals this week, please see below:
    • Work our at least 3 times this week
    • Continue with my habit of prepping food the night before (I think this really made a huge difference for me last week)
    • Try and stay away from so much sugar

    Good luck with today guys, we can do this!
  • kesslemg
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    I'm so glad that everyone had a great first week!
    Here are my goals for the week:
    • Continue with no alcohol M-Th
    • Try to eliminate BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes)
    • Try to make healthy food choices by adding more fruits and vegetables

    Good luck everyone!
  • momof2boyz832
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    Very happy to read the results you are all having this first week.. I stepped on the scale (cause its like a ball and chain) and should not of been surprised to see the number up from last week. I met my exercise goals.. (minimum 60 min 5 days) for a total of 25 miles..I was not as good as I could of been in food selections but I was under calorie goal every day and my macros numbers worked for the week . I did not splurge on wine Saturday night at a stagette, but did compromise with Smirnoff Light (80cal).. this is why I get discouraged so easily. The good news is the clothes fit better around my waist and that is what has me hanging on and pushing forward.. This weeks include goals..

    4L water daily
    60min 5*day exercise
    No alcohol at all
    Staying positive!...this is the most difficult at times!

    Good luck this week..chin up and keep moving..
  • Emily4062
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    This week wasn't perfect but I am down 1.2 lbs. Hoping to continue building momentum!

    I think I do best if I keep it simple, in terms of goals. This week, I want to avoid snacks after dinner. That is my downfall! I did well most nights last week, but I had a rough time on days where I hung out after dinner in the kitchen with family members... I just kept snacking. This week, I will excuse myself and brush my teeth and THEN go back to hang out. The teeth brushing really helps when I do it.

    Let's do this! 1 week down, 11 to go!!
  • jwilson507
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    So up to this point I haven't given my starting weight. I'm at 171. I'm in a tight 14 which even in stretchy clothes Is uncomfortable. I'm down a pound from last week. This week I'm determined more than ever to cut out sugar. That's the goal I'm sticking with. I'm also going to track my food and continue to stabilize my blood sugar during the day. Good luck to all.
  • martinezkrauss
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    I'm focusing on eating less sugar and carbs this week and no beverages other than water. I drink lite caffeine coffee with 1/3c of soymik and 3/4 tsp of sugar throughout the day and too dependent on it so nixing starting today with success today. My concern going forward is that if not for all my exercise I would not have lost much last week.
  • Mjtckwnow
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    Starting weight on 2/1 = 164.8
    2/8 weight = 161.8
    Total loss this week = 3 lbs.

    I had a good week overall. I completed week 1 of PiYo (seven more to go!), got in 4 of my 5 planned runs, and even managed a great gym workout
    with my husband which was a bonus.
    I did enjoy a little wine and a few chips & queso during the Super Bowl but was good all the other days :)

    My goals this week:
    Complete week 2 of PiYo
    Run 5 days (hopefully mostly outside)
    Limit wine drinking to 2 nights
    AND to be in the 150's next week (1.8 lbs away)

  • curlymop3
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    @momof2boyz832 just to say good luck this week, stay positive.

    I'm sure you'll be successful - you're looking for what you have is good, and finding a group like this surely helps keep going. I relate so much to what you have written in your post!
  • tjwilson5
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    My week was good until Friday hit. Grandsons all here and snacking happened. I did have my best day on my Fitbit tho with all the running upstairs and down. Saturday we celebrated my husbands 48th birthday. More snacking. Sunday nothing got done. Monday was a holiday for us but I got back on track.

    Start weight - 177.7 lbs
    Current weight - 175.8 lbs

    Goal for this week is to avoid the snacks!

    Have a great week everyone.
  • tyboskates
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    This week I am focusing first on getting healthy as I was hit with a nasty cold this past Friday. It is driving me nuts with this non-stop coughing but it forces me to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids. Great job to all of you who have posted on here that you had great weeks and lost either inches and/or pounds! That is great news to hear. I have not gained or lost so I guess that is a plus that I did not gain! Good luck to all of you this week and hopefully by next weeks check in I can post that I am healthy enough to get my butt to the gym. Winter in Chicago just is not letting me get healthy like I want to.
  • kesslemg
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    How's everyone's week going?? I haven't been doing a very good job with the BLT thing. My kids leave a half eaten bowl of dry cereal at breakfast and I end up munching on it after they've left for school. I need to do a better job of getting them to dispose of their uneaten cereal! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to stick with my no alcohol Mon. - Thurs. rule today. I have just found out that I will be returning to work after almost 10 years of staying home with my kids. This is a big step and it's going to change a lot of things around here. Hopefully for the better. :p
  • journey2sugar
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    @kesslemg that IS a big change, but I know you're up to it!

    I was "bad," I had a plate of beef nachos last night, they were soooooo yummy! I jumped right back into things today, hit the gym today with a great 30 minutes on the elliptical and finished the the night with a protein and spinach smoothie and munching on TJ's Inner Peas and water. I feel really good about today!

    Hope everyone had a great Thursday!
  • lizadaze
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    Hi everybody. Sorry for seeming out of touch the last few days. It has been a crazy time at work. I'm really tired tonight because I got woken up last night by endless phone calls from angry Uber drivers in the UK. My account was hacked and I had to get up at 2am and deal with shutting down my account and disputing charges. No fun!

    I am having an okay week, but stress and tiredness has made me want to indulge in sweets. Luckily, I don't really have anything around the house and I'm too tired to go out. So, I'm just going to bed in hopes of a good nights sleep.
  • lsabeIIe
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    I couldn't be more happy with myself so far this week.
    The scale is kind
    My eating is in control
    Exercises 60 minutes a day
    I took new measurements and my jaw dropped (happily)
    I took new progress pics and saw some more progress

    So yep! It's going great !
  • Sillybee727
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    Nice job everyone! I am exercising daily but it's tough to fit very much into my weekdays. I caught myself trying to push too hard at the gym the other day, which is my old maybe backing off to deal with other obligations for a few days will be good for me and keep me from burning out.

    I've also stayed within my calories, but that includes eating up most, or all, of my exercise calories which I was trying not to do. Literally, I had 30 calories left tonight and was hungry, walking around trying to figure out what I could get with 30 measly calories. I know that sounds crazy rigid but if I go over my TDEE plus exercise calories even once it'll feel like a slippery slope.
  • JennMM0123
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    Sorry I'm late posting for Monday, it was a tough weekend but I feel so much better getting into the swing of things this week!! Still need control the mindless munching!!
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