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Best Workout Song



  • catarinadev
    catarinadev Posts: 61 Member
    I thought this was a good topic to revive!

    On the treadmill I tend to listen to a mixture of different folk metal bands (Finntroll, Turisas) and AC/DC, Slayer, Iron Maiden- quite old school metal, and not what I typically listen to throughout the day. When I row I tend to go for the more chilled music, longer songs- Primorial, Opeth, Tool etc.
  • ozzra8
    ozzra8 Posts: 80 Member
    I just put my iPod on shuffle and feed off whatever plays when on the treadmill or elliptical. I won't bring it into class though because I'd be the one to smash it

  • ozzra8
    ozzra8 Posts: 80 Member
    !!!!! Lamb of God the whole wrath album.... Had me at full energy in the gym today. I felt like running circles around everyone. Until I got to the stair climber. If that machine were a person it would be knocked the *kitten* out. Evil evil thing.
  • TheCrawlingChaos
    TheCrawlingChaos Posts: 462 Member
    Lately I've had a speed metal revival for workout music. The new Enforcer album kicked my *kitten* so hard I had to dig up some more speed to throw in the mix.
  • ladymiseryali
    ladymiseryali Posts: 2,555 Member
    Anything by Baby Metal, or Maximum The Hormone. Japanese metal FTW!
  • SithDogg671
    SithDogg671 Posts: 9 Member
    My current w/o playlist has about 400 songs...these are the top 25 by plays at the moment (which is pretty random, but oddly says a lot about me...):

    Barael's Blade - The Sword
    The Horned Goddess - The Sword
    20 Eyes - The Misfits
    War Ensemble - Slayer
    Neon Knights - Black Sabbath
    Miss Murder - A.F.I.
    Sulfur - Slipknot
    The Miracle - Suicidal Tendencies
    In the Meantime - Helmet
    We Are 138 - The Misfits
    Becoming - Pantera
    I Will Be Heard - Hatebreed
    Walk With Me In Hell - Lamb Of God
    Go'N Breakdown - Suicidal Tendencies
    Mice And Gods - Clutch
    Blood And Thunder - Mastodon
    Walk - Pantera
    Angel of Death - Slayer
    Shoes - King’s X
    Teenagers from Mars - The Misfits
    A Box - King’s X
    People = S**t - Slipknot
    Davidian - Machine Head
    What Have I Got - Rollins Band
    Attitude - Bad Brains
  • abarringer44
    abarringer44 Posts: 17 Member
    Some good stuff on here, but usually for me it can be any Crowbar or High on Fire album
  • Barb_Massacre
    Barb_Massacre Posts: 4 Member
    edited January 2016
    Here is my playlist. mostly gothy/industrial/alternative electronica/darkwave stuff bpms start at 135 and go up to 155/165 in the end.

    1 The Negative Sex, IAMX
    2 Joy To The World, Combichrist
    3 As We Fall, Imperative Reaction
    4 Never Surrender, Combichrist
    5 Devils Night (3am Remix), Johnny Hollow
    6 Sleep, She Wants Revenge
    7 Eurovision - Torul Remix, Laibach
    8 Kill Myself, Yendri
    9 Hit Me Hard, Noisuf-X
    10 Control, VNV Nation
    11 WTF? [What the Funk], Noisuf-X
    12 Love Will Tear Us Apart - 2011 Total Version, Joy Division
    13 Defiled, Godflesh
    14 Hungry Like the Wolf, Black Light Burns
    15 Tear You Apart, She Wants Revenge
    16 I Don't Want To Fall In Love, She Wants Revenge
    17 Karma Mechanic, Attrition
    18 Bring Me Back A Dog, IAMX
    19 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, Razed In Black
    20 A Forest, The Cure
    21 Wish, Nine Inch Nails
    22 I Say Go V4.0//2003 , Accessory
  • kanakapride
    kanakapride Posts: 11 Member
    I have a playlist with these bands on it

    London after midnight
    Crux shadows
    Switchblade Symphony
    Birthday Massacre
    The smith/morrisey
    The cure
    Eva O
    The Shroud
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
    In the gym at 430am "At First Light" Bolt Thrower.

    Forgot how much I love that album.
  • TheCrawlingChaos
    TheCrawlingChaos Posts: 462 Member
    "Run For Your Life" - Enforcer

    You can fit that into a relevant metaphor. Really any speed metal works for me. Exciter, Helstar, Running Wild, etc.
  • russb_
    russb_ Posts: 39 Member
    Pantera - All songs
  • NickHTK
    NickHTK Posts: 14 Member
    Lots of Turbonegro
  • DGrootonk
    DGrootonk Posts: 8 Member
    I have a high-intensity workout playlist, it includes many different songs, but I really get going with Tactical Sekt and Aesthetic Perfection.
  • NickHTK
    NickHTK Posts: 14 Member
    I listen to Zombies Run.
  • ca1v1n
    ca1v1n Posts: 30 Member
    Recently I've been playing the 'Industrial Cardio' playlist on Google Play Music. Its got all the more well-known choices like NIN, KMFDM, Ministry, etc. but also plenty of obscure tracks. Its also long enough to not constantly be repeating. Highly recommend.
  • lindseyt71901
    lindseyt71901 Posts: 57 Member
    Rammstein, Static X, Lords of Acid, Cradle of Filth, Pantera, Otep, Kittie, Mindless Self Indulgence, Torso F***, Slipknot.... Well, I change up a lot. I love music and it's whatever is moving my mind. That pretty much ensures that my body will follow.
  • NickHTK
    NickHTK Posts: 14 Member
    This month... Motorhead.. all of it.