It's 3am I must be lonely ..... and wide awake!

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Early TGIF my friends! I've had a serious week from hell at work and my stress levels have been at an all time high. Even with focused attention on my eating and exercise goals, negative emotions have given me insomnia and a nice headache here in the middle of the night. So I find myself here, as I try to refocus my thoughts on positive things in my life.

Thank goodness I decided to restart my commitment to exercise and good eating this past month! And created this support group. It has truly been a game changer for me. Previously, I would have dealt with this stress by indulging in junk food, sweets and alcohol while mindlessly binge watching TV or engaging in unnecessary online shopping excursions.

Now, I am here. Reminding myself of the positive work I am doing and how good I feel being in better control of my food choices and exercising more than I have in years. The stress is melting away as I focus on the future success ahead. Even though I am sore and achy from yesterday's workout, I am contemplating how I will increase my activity levels even more.

As my sweet little pups cuddle up next to me now under the covers, I focus on my breathing and theirs. Turn on some soothing music and hope to get a little more sleep before another workday begins. And if I can manage it, I am going to take a brisk sunrise walk through the woods and along the ocean shores with my girls wagging alongside me.

I realize too, that my current job needs to change. It is not a healthy place to work right now and my focus on my health here has helped me come to that very important conclusion. So back to sleep for a bit, and then greeting the day with optimism and hope rather than loathing and despair.

Nourishment and exercise, it does a body AND mind good!


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    Clara Belle and Lily Mae, my pretty in pink walking partners.
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    Your children (puppies) are adorable! I too was wide awake at 3am and by 4am still awake so I decided to get out of bed and get my butt to the gym. Thank God that Planet Fitness is open 24 hours so that insomniacs like me can get up at any time and go work out. LOL My week has been tough as I have been craving sweets (nothing new with me) and gave into the cravings a few times this week. I am proud however that I did not go overboard on the sweets. I hope you have a better week next week and you find a job that will make you happy. I would love to live by an ocean for morning walks but I am in Chicago (suburbs) where it is still winter and freezing in the mornings (and no ocean views)!!! Cannot wait for summer to get here. I hope your weekend is good and we both get to sleep through the night! Stay positive and TGIF!!!!
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    Congrats Elizabeth and tyboskates for all your daily successes! To leave a warm home and brave the cold weather at such early morning time wow - just wow! It was 54 this morning and I was freezing!

    Sleep has been evading me too! We are all doing wonderful - even if the weight loss is not happening when I want it or expect it. This is a very long process for us all. The only way to not succeed is to not track our intake and exercise as our lives allow.

    Step by step we will achieve our goals because we are in fact changing our behaviors. I am not worried about set-backs. I know changing human behavior is one of the most difficult things to accomplish - we have been doing the same thing for years and not getting the body we all want. That will take time and set-backs to overcome it.

    All we can do is cheer each other on and know that in two years we will look better than we do today. And in five years after that we will still be at our goal weight because we consistently did the work to track what we ate everyday and exercised to keep ourselves in check. I know for me that I will always live with this burden of needing to consciously track my food and exercise.

    I live to eat and I may not be able to change that behavior. But my health and my body will look like I eat to live.

    Clara Belle and Lily Mae rule!!
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