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    Thanks for the recipes, Terri! I am in need of some inspiration and that Mushroom Stroganoff sounds good!

    Welcome back, Lisa! I am now following you on Craftsy. They don't seem to have a great platform for messages or friends, but they sure have the crafting part down! :) I see that you follow Carol Ann Waugh. I am enrolled in 2 of her classes, Stupendous Stitching and Snazzy Stitched Portraits. I'm Carla_E if you're looking for me there.

    Mihani and Karrie, I'm so sorry to hear about the bug you have. It sounds really nasty! Hopefully since it came on hard it will leave quickly. Karrie, I can't get those socks out of my head! They really make we want to take up knitting but I'm sure that creating something like that would take years and years of practice.

    Lia, wishing you lots of luck with the sale of your house. It is nice to have someone going through it at the same time as me, but I wouldn't wish all of this stress on anyone! It will all be worth it when it is done!

    Alright guys, time to admit what's been going on here. I've been back in full food addict mode, and on the weekend I bought 2 packages of scones covered with icing. I had 2 on Sunday night, and as expected, ended up with a headache and sugar shakes and major guilt. After much hesitation, I managed to throw out the remaining scones yesterday. I had to take them downstairs to the stinky outdoor bin to make sure I wouldn't be tempted. (yeesh)

    No offers on our house yet, and after dragging our feet for a while, we're finally lowering our price tomorrow morning. After the house we wanted to buy went pending, we went out house hunting again and found one we love even more. There are other interested buyers though, so we'll have to move fast if we get the chance.

    The plan for today:
    Breakfast - banana berry oatmeal, coffee
    Lunch - Amy's chili with a vegan sausage
    Snack - Orange, coffee
    Dinner - red lentil cauliflower curry

    certainly won't be acing it, hardly any greens, but still an improvement
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    Carla and Lia, knitting is EASY. There are only 2 stitches - knit and purl!! And I started doing socks really soon after I learned to knit - and that was in the days before youtube! I think it's even easier to learn now than when I tried... I learned from a book. And trial and error. But now whenever I don't understand something, youtube ALWAYS has a video tutorial to help. It's crazy! You should definitely give it a try.

    I'm also on - it's an online yarn craft community. I'm wbmommy on rav - go ahead and add me as a friend! There are a ton of groups and resources and free patterns. And if you're on rav, let me know and I'll be happy to help you out!! :smile:

    My stomach is still not quite 100% and the thought of juicing today was not good. So I'm just sipping gingerale. I had a couple of soda crackers, but even that may have been too much...
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    I've been back in full food addict mode, and on the weekend I bought 2 packages of scones covered with icing.

    I've had a little carb binging myself - but for me it's been pretzels and chips... Maybe that's why my stomach is off...

    The first step is admitting it... :wink:

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    Terri, thanks for the recipes! Glad to hear you hired some help with work.

    Lisa, I love the idea of a little town of refugee mice, saved from the jaws of death and relocated lol. Are you and your husband thinking of downsizing at some point anyway, that selling now wouldn’t be that big a sacrifice and let you take care of your mom?

    Karrie, SO sorry to hear you had the same bug. It hit me on Friday and I am still not 100%. I slept most of 30 hours too. And it hit me out of the blue. I felt fine when I got to work just tired, next thing you know I was trying to get home before I started throwing up. I only worked half a day yesterday. I did sleep in my recliner last night which seemed to settle my stomach down some, maybe keeping the acid from backing up, and I felt quite a bit better today. Made it through the day at work, but still very wary of eating, and feel sick every time I eat. I’ve found that non-dairy yogurt, bananas, saltines, ginger ale or herbal tea, are about the only things that I can safely eat, although I did have a cup of veggie broth with a few cannellini beans thrown in last night and for lunch today, and did okay with that.

    Carla and Lia, I sure hope things move for you on your home sales! So stressful waiting and waiting. Lia, hope your cold is better. Carla, well done on throwing out the rest of those scones!

    Nothing to report on eating ETL, I wish I could eat ETL, but eating scares me to death at the moment lol. On the "bright' side if you can call it that, I've lost 7 pounds since Friday. Not worth it!
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    Hope all of our sickies are doing better today! <3 And that you are able to stomach some more food today.

    I am also allllllllllll over the place right now with my eating, some good, some really bad. Especially with the house stress. I have been having semi-regular cookie binges. I haven't weighed myself in 2 months almost and I'm okay with that, but I can feel it in my clothes. At the same time, my body is telling me "more smoothies, less bread/sugar" and that is also a good thing lol. So impressed that you threw out the scones, Carla! I almost drooled over the word "icing". Sad.
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    I think my stomach is okay today. We'll see. I had a piece of toast for breakfast - bring on the carbs!! If I can truly say at the end of the day that my stomach is better, then I will start juicing again tomorrow.

    My goal is to lose 4 lbs next week. (get rid of this carb bloat), then
    -10 lbs in April
    -10 lbs in May
    -10 lbs in June
    and that will do it. I'll be just 5 lbs heavier than when I got married 20 years ago!! And just in time for summer! :sunglasses:

    That would be delightful!!
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    Oh Carla, I feel your pain, too. But I'm in awe -- how much strength it took to actually throw out scones!! I'm not sure I could do it. Pat yourself on the back for that one! I'll look for you on Craftsy! Carol Ann Waugh is so creative; I've been to her studio in Denver. I love Amy's chili too but I can easily eat too much of it and the sodium is a killer for me. Fingers still crossed on your house buying.

    Karrie, my mother taught me to knit when I was 17. She was a knitter, crocheter, tatter, and seamstress but I only learned knitting and sewing. Now I wish I'd paid more attention. She can't do or teach any of it now, with an almost total loss of short term memory (lots of small strokes did this). I am inspired to start knitting more adventurous socks, thanks to you! Yes to Ravelry!! I'm LisaBinSD there. Let's hook up and share projects.

    Hope that bug has worked itself through everyone. Yuck.

    Mihani, yes, we've been talking about downsizing for almost 10 years now. Our retirement move was supposed to be a downsize but we bought a house even bigger and brought all our crap with us. It's time to get serious. We really are too old to take care of even 5 acres. Shoveling snow two days in a row (a large car pad, two long sidewalks, a deck, a porch and a patio and steps/stairs -- never mind the long driveway!) is great exercise but it takes a toll on both of us. Mom doesn't want to move in with anyone; she wants someone to move in with her! So we're mulling that one even though it means moving away from daughter. That's a tough one.

    7 pounds since Friday? I'd call that the silver lining in the storm cloud!

    Just took the grandkids back home tonight. They were good but man, the energy! We are just chilling tonight, worn out from 4 days with kids and 2 days of snow shoveling. Now that's sad. Hard to admit to myself what I can't do anymore.

    More snow this weekend. I shoveled snow last night under a waning moon so we could get at least one car out, then shoveled this morning to finish it up. Grandson helped. It's a good thing I like to shovel!

    Happy weekend, all.
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    Hi y'all, and Happy Easter if you celebrate that holiday. I have such a small family left that we don't do anything, but I'm going to the office and try to get some stuff done. We lost a close friend of our family on Thursday and the funeral is Tuesday so I am taking the day off to be with their family. Today was all about ME for once... got a manicure, hair done, came home and started two pots of soup (lentil and split pea) to replenish the freezer stash. Tonight one of my brothers is taking me to see Celtic Woman and I can't wait. He got the tickets for my birthday present last month and it has been nice to have something to look forward to. I think some beautiful music will be just what I need after such a trying few weeks, therapeutic even.

    I am doing well, over that awful virus thank goodness. I am eating pretty normally again, and happy to find that I managed to lose all my cravings for snacky stuff and the overload of starches I was eating up until it hit me. I am going to try to avoid them at all costs for a while now, and hope the cravings stay squelched. I have been eating a fair amount of fruit, and want to get back into the habit of grabbing fruit anytime I want something sweet. I am not a huge sweets eater, they don't tempt me much, but if I start on them I have trouble with portion control and I find fruit doesn't taste as good and sweet after I've indulged in fake sweet.
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    Almost ready to start a new month! Been quiet around here. I now have a cold. I never get sick and I have been sick off and on the past two weeks. I think it is partly just emotional stress and overdoing it at work, my body is saying stop! Sticking to a pretty basic diet still. I haven't really got my appetite for junky stuff back, which is a very very good thing, so I'm riding this wave.

    B - soy yogurt
    L - lentil soup from the freezer stash
    D - hummus and lettuce in a spinach wrap
    S - luna bar, orange

    Need to get back to a more ETL'ish way of eating. Grocery this weekend!
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    Hope you feel better soon Mihani. Great that you've been eating good and avoiding the junk food!!!

    Lisa, I'm jealous that you were able to go to Carol Ann Waugh's studio. That's cool!

    Karrie, are you over your bug yet? Hopefully you at least got in some time to relax and maybe even knit a bit! :)

    Still working on selling our house, but I think there will be some good news on that front very soon. I'll keep you all posted. Hopefully once this is behind us Joe and I can get back on track around here with our food.