Day 27 Team Omarosa

Happy Easter


  • pattycakes33333
    pattycakes33333 Posts: 168 Member
    3.25 Miles walked: $325
    Complete diary: $50
    10 cups water: $50
    Insanity fit test for 25mins: $125
    Total: $550
    I spent Easter morning with my boyfriends family and dinner with my family. It was a great beautiful day!!
  • phylsyl
    phylsyl Posts: 289 Member
    Day 27
    Completed diary
    under calories
    8 glasses of water
    7 miles biked
    1 mile walked
    Hosted brunch for a few single friends who didn't have plans. My family usually comes, but we were all together last weekend for a memorial dinner, so they decided to stay closer to home this week! Had a great time!
    Happy Easter!
  • MurallyAnn
    MurallyAnn Posts: 173 Member
    Day 27
    walked 3 miles $300
    8 glasses of water $50
    Spent the first half of our day hemming curtains for our sons new home. He and his wife are currently living with us and bought a house. Since January we gutted and rebuilt the inside. We are in the final stages of getting them in. Baby is due in under 4 weeks!! It's been a whirlwind around here. I made a beautiful dinner and enjoyed quality time with family and our new grandson. Weather was beautiful in Michigan. We took a nice long walk after dinner!
  • SarahEH98
    SarahEH98 Posts: 64 Member
    Day 27

    water $50
    walked 10 miles $1000

    total $1050
  • stephzub
    stephzub Posts: 106 Member
    walked 6.2 miles
    completed journal
    8+ water

    Went to brunch with family and then hosted a dinner for more family - tons of food! Will be walking it off this week. It was fun to see everyone though. Even the big kids had fun searching for eggs filled with treats and $. Happy Easter!
  • Wooken3
    Wooken3 Posts: 636 Member
    Day 27

    walked 3.1 miles - $301
    food journal complete - $50
    Under calorie goal - $200
    8 cups of water - $50
    Daily Challenge - $500
    -- Attended Sunrise Service then went to the AZ Science Center to experience the Popnology Exhibit

    Total - $1,101
  • tinacuso
    tinacuso Posts: 4,104 Member
    Day 27 - Happy Easter to Everyone

    Walked 6 miles - $600
    Daily Challenge - $500
    -Was fortunate to have my entire family home for the weekend. Ate nice meals, played board games and watched movies as a family. A Great Weekend!

    Total = $1100
  • Saree1902
    Saree1902 Posts: 611 Member
    Food diary completed
    1.92 miles walked
    40 minutes strength training
  • 2manyhats
    2manyhats Posts: 1,085 Member
    8 hour car trip but glad to be home!
  • SkinnyMel78
    SkinnyMel78 Posts: 434 Member
    day 27

    4 miles $400
    water goal complete $50

  • tialynn1
    tialynn1 Posts: 886 Member
    Walked 3 miles -300
    Was busy on Easter. Still wasn't feeling very well.
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