04/03 Day 358 Sunday

Auna37 Posts: 708 Member
Morning, everyone! Spring is in full bloom and everything is so green! It's jsut so beautiful that we should all participate in it!

Today's Challenge: Start growing something!

You can start a garden or you can start growing a flower in a pot. Just get that green thumb and get out there!


  • mrsrkearns
    mrsrkearns Posts: 35 Member
    I've had a garden built last fall went OK wanted better I cleaned it out weeks ago but never done more...you reminded me today!!! I'm gonna start some seedlings ty
  • rlcoskrey68
    rlcoskrey68 Posts: 5 Member
    visiting your group to check it out. Disappointed because hoping daily challenges would relate to to dieting, fitness, etc. Goals that can be finished daily.