Fitbit steps not syncing to MFP

roth321 Posts: 1 Member
I have just recently connected my fitbit with MFP. My daily step count will sync with my fitbit app, but it will not transfer over to MFP. This is frustrating for me because the adjusted calories is also messed up. It was working fine yesterday but it started having issues today. I have disconnected and reconnected the apps several times without any resolve. Any ideas?


  • NancyN795
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    It's probably a problem on the MFP end. I wouldn't focus so much on whether your step count is showing up on MFP. That is just a symptom that things aren't working, but MFP doesn't use your step count to compute anything. It just displays it. I'd check the math that MFP is using to calculate the adjustment. You check the math on the Exercise page by clicking on the little 'i' next to the adjustment. The things to check are that the calories burned number from Fitbit is correct and relatively current and that the MyFitnessPal Calories Burned number makes sense.

    For me, for a while now, MFP has occasionally had two adjustments instead of one and they're both messed up. (I see it as two messed up adjustments on the website, the mobile app displays different symptoms, but is still wrong when it happens.) I haven't seen any way of fixing it. It has always gone away for the next day, but never corrects the messed up day. When mine goes wrong, one adjustment won't display the math and the other one generally shows that the MyFitnessPal Calories Burned number is too high and includes exercise calories that it shouldn't.
  • PandaBear1ca
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    Mine is not showing either..I walked 6000 steps today on my treadmill and it shows nothing on myfitnessplus if i never did. i am only allowed 1200 calories a day and when i walk it should allow me a bit more..but it has not been counting for all week...why walk and exercise when it wont show it so I can have a treat if I like it...wish they fix it.
  • iweezy780
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    I'm having the same problem. My steps no longer show up on MFP. it was working fine yesterday.
  • jhudson892
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    Mine was fine until 2 hours ago. Now rather than adding steps it is increasing my calories instead of computing calories used for steps taken. Frustrating
  • NikkiAnamCara
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    Mine's been at zero steps all day so...yeah it's systemic.
  • AlexBoBalex79
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    Just saw this! Brand new user and mine is not synced. For calories burned, how do I update that in the mfp log?
  • AhimsaBeans
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    Oh Wow, it is demotivating to think there's a way forward, and to find out the MFP is buggy. Has anyone heard back about how long it is to a fix, or has the systemic problem been acknowledged?
  • NancyN795
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    From what I've seen, there isn't a widespread syncing problem at the moment (when it it widespread, there's lots and lots of posts about it here). If you haven't already, try the disconnect/reconnect procedure (disconnect in MFP, revoke access in Fitbit, wait a while, reconnect in MFP) and if that doesn't solve it you may need to contact MFP customer support.
  • LilDsMom2
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    My fitbit has been connected with MFP for a while (a year w/flex & 4 months w/charge hr) and today is the first time fitbit not syncing w/MFP. It is not updating steps or weight loss.
  • jhudson892
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    This is the second time this week I have had MFP/FITBIT synching issues. Both times started off fine then just stopped synching.
  • joelschneider45066
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    I have had a really weird issue the last two weekends. I wake up and syncing of steps and calorie adjustment works fine, then I go to the gym and get in about 10,000 steps and burn a few hundred calories. For the rest of the day I get no more steps that sync across and the calorie adjustment looks lower than on every other day. The next day, all is good - very odd. For example today when I left for the gym my fitbit read about 1800 steps. MFP showed 1440. I then went to the gym and got to over 10K, and yet MFP still shows 1440. There is a calorie adjustment, but it seems very low when compared to other days I follow a similar routine. And I should add, in the mobile MFP app, where it shows the calorie adjustment and normally shows the steps, on days like today it shows no entry for steps at all, even though on the "Home" section of the APP it shows 1440.