6 month surgiversary :)

boncharlie Posts: 487 Member
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Can't believe it has been 6 months already!!

So as of today I have lost 100lbs.... although the last few weeks have been pretty slow.

I celebrated my 6 month surgiversary by completing an 1km ocean swim - something I could never have done 12 months ago.



  • bcedl1982
    bcedl1982 Posts: 140 Member
    Congrats! You've worked hard and come such a long way in 6 months! Wow!
  • anbrdr
    anbrdr Posts: 621 Member
    Looking great and making wonderful achievements! So happy for you!
  • gaining_while_losing
    gaining_while_losing Posts: 96 Member
    Happy 6-month surgiversary!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cabennett99
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  • joysie1970
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    That's awesome! Way to go!
  • arjeffries136
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    Great job
  • rpyle111
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    What a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone!

    I have loved every ocean I have been in. Never swam any distance, though.

  • Naomi_the_Great
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    You look awesome!
  • nakeddog
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    wow 100lbs....what a milestone to make, 1K ocean swim is a lot too...way to go, you are rocking this new life
  • boncharlie
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    Thanks peeps - loving life! So grateful to WLS for the opportunities it has given me - still have a way to go but I am definitely enjoying the journey :smiley:
  • 911Chrisy
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    Totally inspiring me to continue pushing forward.