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    My name is Laura and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. Had surgery in March and will start radiation in a few weeks. Alison, I am so impressed with your heart, honesty, and determination. I pray all is going well with you and that your CT scan had good news.
  • Hi Laura, I'm a breast cancer survivor. I'm sorry you're in the club. Check out breastcancer.org if you haven't already =) Best of luck to you {{{{{ hugs }}}}
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    Thanks! I will check out that website. I've looked at so many and got info overload but I'll check that one out again.
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    March 25th, 2015

    Well my CT scan showed some spots on my lungs.. My Oncologist tells me they are "atypical of cancer" but he wants to investigate further so I now have a PET Scan scheduled for April 8th.

    So the wait continues...

    The good news is I am finally done chemo and feel myself getting stronger everyday. I gained a few pounds during chemo so hoping to take those off over the next few weeks..

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    Keep thinking positvely Alison, you've mainted such a good attitude through everything you will get through this next bit too. The waiting is often the most challenging.

    Congratulations on completing chemo!!! :smiley:

    Be patient with the whole weight gain/loss issue while you recover from the effects of chemo. For me I found the months following to be more challenging especially with mental function "chemo brain" as is kind of snuck up on me as a result of the cummulative effect of the protocol I was on for my leukemia.

    Take care.
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    Hello again...

    It's been a while. I got through the chemo, even returned to work and now I just found out there is another tumor... this time on my lungs. It's small (6mm) and hopefully operable but I still feel like I have been kicked in the guts...

    And again we wait.
  • Stay strong my friend , I had bowel cancer 4 years ago stage one lower resection ,I had a bag for 6 months than reversed but wishing I had it back, my bowel has its own little brain, its taken 4 years to get where I am tweaking diets changing exercising plans to accommodate my bowel,it does get it challenging but stay strong my friend ,I am
    feeling better physically and mentally now than I did 4 years ago
    so you keep going my friend, talk to friends that have gone through it
    they have the best knowledge how to cope ,that's what really saved me at the end .
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    Hi Alison, how are you today? :) you take my friend have a great day
    ,so Unfortunately life can be a bad taste in your mouth, you just want to purk for even picking you, you have come this far my friend keep going ,My Mum used to say to me if you were supposed to go ,you would have gone by now ,so just keep living the best way you know how to or don't even try,That really got me out of the dark days really quick ,My Mum says life isn't easy,its there to help you understand how hard it can get, take care, my friend
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    Hi Alison! If there's one thing cancer taught me is to take one day at a time. Please keep your spirits up. You've got this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I realize it has been some time since I checked in... I'm still waiting for the Doctors to tell me whats next. It has spread to my lungs and apparently now there is a new spot in my lymph nodes in the middle of chest.. They may or may not try to remove these with surgery but it looks like regardless there is more chemotherapy in my future..

    All this and the funny thing is I don't feel sick at all...
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    sending hugs Alison!
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    Ahhh, so sorry to hear about this Alison. Stay strong!
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    It has been literally months since I last posted in this thread. I had surgery this past week to remove the tumor from my lung... Fingers crossed they don't find anymore.