Made it to the losers bench today!

cup_o_jo Posts: 13 Member
I had VSG done today @ 3:00. I'm finally feeling ok enough to think straight. The 1st few hours of recovery were awful, with nausea and pain. But, now I'm feeling much better.


  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    Congrats on your surgery and glad you are feeling better. It gets better every day. Remember sip, sip, sip, sip and sip again.
  • vanillarose77
    vanillarose77 Posts: 159 Member
    congrats on your surgery...i had the same feeling when i first came out of ryn i was soooo nausea, i never been that sick after surgery and i was soo dehydrated too but couldnt drink for 10 hours. good luck on your journey
  • JamesAztec
    JamesAztec Posts: 524 Member
    Congratulations! Your new life starts NOW. Take advantage of this incredible gift of HEALTH you've been given. :)o:)
  • KarlaYP
    KarlaYP Posts: 4,439 Member
    Yep, your new life has begun! :smiley: Best of luck with your recovery, and learning your new normal!
  • cmchandler74
    cmchandler74 Posts: 510 Member
    Welcome to a new you! Congratulations, and be gentle with yourself. We're here when you need us.
  • bcedl1982
    bcedl1982 Posts: 140 Member
    Thanks for letting us know - please keep reading the boards and posting. I'll second the above comment: we're here when you need us!
  • BethyAnny
    BethyAnny Posts: 11 Member
    Congratulations! Keep telling yourself that it does get easier - 'cause it does a little bit every day.
  • jenean52
    jenean52 Posts: 80 Member
    Congratulations ! Take care of yourself.