Twin Cities Meet-Up

kampshm Posts: 93 Member
I'm trying to form a group that meets regularly in the twin cities area for walks, exercise buddies, and weight loss support. I have a group on Meet-up (website) that could use some members! I won't link it here because of forum rules but if anyone is interested, reply here or shoot me a message.

We are trying to plan weekly/monthly get togethers around the cities to work out and/or share fitness/food/weight loss tips. We also are planning to participate in atleast one 5k this summer but if we have the interest, hopefully a few more.

I live near White Bear Lake/Maplewood and we'd be trying to stay near that area, but will venture out to other areas in the cities too.

Also if anyone is a member of LA Fitness that'd be cool we could work out sometime together :)



  • rhye
    rhye Posts: 104 Member
    I'm on the East Side of St. Paul and totally interested. I'm already no meetup so if you just tell me the group name I'll check it out. I'm entering the 3rd tri with my 2nd child though but I would still like walks and stuff. I'm a member at Maplewood Community Center though.
  • TeachTheGirl
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    Roseville here, but I'd totally be interested in checking the group out. =) Shoot me a message?
  • srslybritt
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    Savage here; I'm in!

    ETA: I'm also an LA Fitness member. :)
  • zagon_the_ultimate
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    maple grove here, I'm generally not one for group things, but I'm willing to start.
  • hironsd
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    I am a little late to the party, but I would be very interested in getting together for walks/hikes/gym/etc! I live in South Minneapolis and also have a membership at LA Fitness (generally frequent the Richfield location). Count me in!
  • TruOwl
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    I'm a tad late as well. I'm South Minneapolis and go to Lifetime gym. I'll go to Meetup and look for the group! Thanks for posting!
  • Emsmom121509
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    I'm in oak dale and would love to meet up. Lifetime fitness member
  • lbk89
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    Hi there! I'm from Forest Lake area but mostly work in Andover/Ham Lake area and would love to meet up and be part of a support group.
  • Wandering_1
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    I know I'm late but would love to meet up. I live in Minnetonka. Due to a rollover I am without my car so joining the gym is just a dream right now. If these meet ups are on the weekend then it will work. Shoot me a message and let me know if there is a meet up.
  • lhbowen
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    I'm a little farther south than the normal Twin City area, I live near Lonsdale and New Prague. I'm a recent transplant to Minnesota and really want to be social on my weight loss journey as my hubby is not very supportive (I love him dearly except for this small fault). I don't mind driving to meet up. I am learning to ride a a bicycle and am working on doing a C25K. I walk a great deal, by myself, but no more than about 7 miles at a time.
  • mamairlas
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    Hi I just moved to the east side of St Paul and totally interested in meeting some good workout friends. ☺️
  • tops2kopsville
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  • ColaCabana79
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    Is this group still meeting? I'm in New Brighton and a member of LA Fitness. I'd be interested in meeting up!
  • aWildFlowere
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    I am from Savage but I travel to White Bear Lake often. Willing to go many places. YMCA member. Read my bio if you like and friend me. I workout 6days per week. FYI: I also run a fun social group of White Bear Lake Area Social Life on FB for east siders etc plus a tall group and more on Meetup dot com.
  • Jules221
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    I live in Eagan. Just getting back into running. I have a love/hate relationship with it.