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April 2016 Challenge



  • wiglet23
    wiglet23 Posts: 887 Member
    Week 1: 75.91mi
    Week 2: 47.2mi
    Week 3: 87.4mi

    Sun: 4.04mi Run
    Wed: 2.18mi Walk/Run +7.01mi Run
    Thu: 25.96mi Cycling

    WTD: 39.2mi
    MTD: 249.2

    WRA Paceline Clinic - was very intimidated at first with the thought of riding sooo close to so many other bikes, but did 2 laps with the full group of double line pace lining ... then broke up into smaller groups (practiced staggered paceline - changing the stagger according to which way the wind was hitting us - we did laps around the airport so our direction kept changing).. enjoyed the smaller group more (less stressful), but drafting with the larger group meant so much less wind. Couldn't believe my speed (when I dared to look) with such little effort (would have sworn I was riding slower than usual, but quite the opposite!)

  • LauraHasABabyJack
    LauraHasABabyJack Posts: 629 Member
  • marathonbiker
    marathonbiker Posts: 207 Member
    39 mi for April. We have had some weird weather. One day get ready for ride pouring down rain or to windy, Today actually quite nice.
    Signed up for a local charity of 31 miles coming up 5/14. This is a fitness activity for the community. Looking forward to event!
  • LauraHasABabyJack
    LauraHasABabyJack Posts: 629 Member
    I finished April with 125.66 miles. I was consistent again with getting out and managed a slight bump in miles for the month, even with being sick.