Pregnancy and LCHF

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Hi everyone! I found out recently that I was expecting my second child! My question is, has anyone ever continued their LCHF journey while pregnant? Ever since I started telling people I was pregnant, they started trying to feed me, "oh you can have this now" etc. I am trying to fend them off still, because I do not want to screw up any of the progress I have made thus far. I do not want to lose weight while pregnant by any means, but I do not want to come out on the other end of this horribly miserable because I chose to throw caution to the wind and carb load. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I carb loaded during pregnancy... had a lovely time but had a big, overdue baby and had to be induced and put on ~50lbs.

    I definitely should have watched my carb intake!! I may have bumped it up a bit (maybe something more like 60g net, perhaps 80g) but I should not have just returned to carby habits.

    I'm sorry that I have no idea where I found this information but I certainly remember reading about someone who, like me, had big overdue (induced) babies except for during her LCHF pregnancy where her baby arrived at a good weight and without being induced. Now that might all be circumstantial, but next time (all fingers crossed) I will definitely not be returning to carbs.

    Keeping carbs around 100g is no different to what would be suggested if you were suffering from gestational diabetes, so I wouldn't have thought there would be any issues.
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    There are a number of pregnant ladies in this group. Aside from morning sickness, most are sticking to a higher carb but still low carb plan while pregnant... Hopefully some of them will chime in here. I can't remember exact names or I'd tag folks...
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    I developed gestational diabetes with my 4th child. I was put on a low-carb diet. I lost a little weight and he was born perfectly healthy.

    I'd say I had about 100-120g carbs a day. Low-carb diets are fine in pregnancy. And healthy.

    ETA: I feel I could have gone a little lower carb-wise and still have been just as healthy.
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    Thanks so much you guys, I already feel a tremendous amount of relief... I was stressing!