Syncing not working!



  • WinoGelato
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    I am having same issue on the app, it shows zero calories burned, as in I'm dead, not that I didn't get an adjustment. I've also had issues with my day not closing out as it used to, my final sync is always before midnight and as such the numbers on MFP never match what FitBit says I burned (the next day, when they should finally match).

    I sent an email to support with screen shots and got the most generic response back explaining to me how negative cal adjustments work and that I need to actually burn more according to FitBit in order to get an adjustment. I've been a FitBit and MFP user for 3 years. I'm well aware of how the systems work, or at least, how they are supposed to work, but ever since the beginning of the year (coincidentally about the same time MFP introduced its own step tracking feature), the two have not worked properly.

    It is frustrating and bordering on offensive that they don't even read my email with my detailed description and screen shots...
  • april_slusher03
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    MFP has a new update! I just hit the update button in the App Store and it has fixed the issue with Fitbit!
    Yay!! :#
  • blossomingbutterfly
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    Im having this issue now and i hadnt experienced it at all until 2 days ago... Which is when i updated the apps.