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    Congrats Lia on your new home! Very exciting news!

    I've stalled a bit on the miracle morning but am not giving up. We lost out on the place we were bidding for, and are now starting to look for an apartment to rent for a month or two while we wait to find another place that we love.

    Mixed success with food and exercise.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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    Carla, sorry to hear you didn't get the house you were looking at. I think finding an apartment so you can take your time and find just the right place to buy is a great idea.

    B - skipped
    L - leftover OSG black bean butternut squash burrito
    D - same as lunch
    S - slice of chocolate pumpkin loaf (I made several loaves yesterday and sliced/froze, it's a Forks Over Knives recipe and has no oil)

    I use the soft taco size wraps rather than the larger burrito size, so I get quite a few servings out of a batch of the burritos. I think the recipe says 4 burritos, but I get 8 out of it. Today will be a repeat of yesterday other than I had OSG apple pie oatmeal for breakfast. Going to prep my salad stuff for lunches this week, I have romaine and grape tomatoes, and going to run beets and carrots through the food processor.

    I make my own variation of the OSG sour cream with a mexican twist. Instead of lemon juice I use lime juice, and add fresh cilantro, comes out a pretty green. It's really good on burritos or add a dollop to tortilla soup.
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    Lia congrats and happy moving! Carla hope you find your new house soon.

    Hubby is in Brazil right now and I always have trouble sleeping when he is not around. Didn't get a wink of sleep past few nights. So tired zzzz........ so I struggled with the diet past 2 days; one of these months I will have 2 weeks in a row of strict ETL. Back to being the ETL mistress tomorrow. LOL (thanks for the title Lia)

    Hands and knees are still feeling really great with out night shades and beans. Night shades are definitely gone from my diet and I will test the beans after another week without them.

    I have decided to do some physical therapy for the knees, I am thinking that one of my hips has dropped lower then the other putting me out of alignment. Probably, should get an adjustment as well with a chiropractor. I think the past few years I over did it with the stair masters.

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    Ouch Terri, hope you get some rest and that your knees feel better. Awesome that your hands are feeling better.

    B - cantaloupe
    L - big salad... romaine, shredded beets and carrots, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, nooch, balsamic
    D - leftover brown rice and butternut squash and salsa in a wheat wrap
    S - quite a few blue corn chips, shouldn't have started on them
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    Good day, everyone. :smile:

    I'm slowly getting back on track - eating more salads, etc. I'm losing again, so that's a good thing (but I'm still up overall, which is a bad thing). Getting there.

    I'm starting to be more interested in cooking again. So that's a good thing too.

    When I was in Mexico this past February, I bought a Mediterranean Quinoa mix, but never got around to cooking it. I left it for my mom, but she brought it home and put it in my kitchen cupboard one day while she was over. :smiley: I should have kept the game going and put it in her cupboard over Easter - that would have been hilarious! (mwah ha ha)

    Instead, last night I decided to cook it up finally. I just prepared it like regular quinoa, but then I used google translate to read the spanish instructions, and it recommended that you saute onion, tomato and green pepper and then mix it in with the cooked quinoa, so that's what I did. MMmmmmmm, it was so yummy! I made my hubby have a bite, and he was surprised at how tasty it was!! :smile:

    I have enough mix left to make it at least 2 more times. Good stuff.

    I'm still not getting up in the mornings to work out. I did a zombie walk/run twice a couple of weeks ago. Two days in a row, even. But then Monday came and I fizzled out. I don't know what's wrong with me. :neutral:

    Anyway, I'm trying to get my sleep on a schedule so I can get up in the mornings. I'm getting there. Soon. *fingers crossed*
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    Terri, great to hear that the diet is making some physical improvements for you! How are you feeling overall? I hope you got some sleep last night...

    Mihani, the sour cream tip is great, thanks! I love that it is a little green even lol. Perfect! Now I am drooling over the thought of chocolate pumpkin loaf. I can't believe you made several! Great batch cooking.

    Carla, I can't wait for the right house to come along for you guys because I feel like you guy will appreciate it so much after this whole experience you've gone through! Gah. In the grand scheme of things, I keep thinking we will look back and a few months will hopefully seem like nothing.

    Ours is still conditional until this Friday. We have our home inspection tonight and I'm so excited to see it again and nervous that there will be something scary to find lol. I've already picked paint colours and have all these ideas for the place but I'm afraid I'm jumping the gun.... My food is quite a bit better though and I made it on the treadmill last night for 50 mins, woohoo!
  • liapr
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    B - Banana, strawberry-coconut-yogurt-granola parfait, homemade
    L - Tex mex casserole
    S - Nectarine, orange
    D - giant vegan caesar salad and baked mini potatoes
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    Glad to see you Karrie. I think sometimes like you say, just starting to eat more greens sort of snowballs into eating more healthy throughout the day. I was totally blah about cooking too, but finally did a little bit this past week and enjoyed it actually. The quinoa sounds good.

    Lia, hope all goes well with the inspections tonight! Awesome 50 minutes on the treadmill!! Your breakfast parfait sure sounds good, bet it’s pretty too.

    I need to figure out when I can hit the treadmill. Mornings just don’t seem to work for me, but I’ve been working later in the evenings and by the time I get home and eat something I’ve talked myself out the treadmill. I think my only option is to come home and get it done right after away, before I eat.

    Today was less snacky although not 100% ETL..
    B – cantaloupe
    L – big salad, same as yesterday except I remembered to add chickpeas today
    D – wheat wrap with fresh spinach, salsa, some daiya (that ran me out of daiya, not buying more)
    S – more cantaloupe and a few almonds, a slice of the chocolate pumpkin loaf

    Need to prep more romaine tonight or I won’t have a salad tomorrow, and that wouldn’t be any good at all!
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    Finally caught up on my sleep and yeah hubby is back tonight. Joints are still feeling pretty good.

    Just planned a few interesting recipes for the rest of the week

    portobello mushroom tacos w/ cilantro avocado cream topping

    pesto sorghum salad

    polenta vegetable pizza w/ cauliflower bachemel sauce

    I must say now that I am not eating night shades and beans, I am trying foods I have never eaten before.

    Lia: hoping everything goes well with your home buying this Friday.

    Mahini: thanks for sharing about the OSG Mayo recipe wich led me to the cilantro avocado cream recipe.

    Karrie: you will get your groove back, you always do.

    We have my nieces First Communion this weekend. Parties are always a mixed bag for me. Never anything I can eat. I will either not eat or bring something for me to eat. Not sure yet.

  • Mihani
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    Glad you got some sleep Terri. Your recipes sound intriguing, can't wait to hear how they turn out.

    B - cantaloupe
    L - salad same as yesterday
    D - red lentil kale soup, avocado toast
    S - a few blue corn chips

  • tdh1991
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    This recipe was delicious. We grilled the mushroom and vegetables: broccoli, red onion, zucchini

    Serves 4

    12 corn tortillas
    1 bactch Grilled Portobello Mushrooms pg. 173, cut into 3/4 inch wide strips
    diced red onion and other vegetables want to add (zucchini, carrots broccoli, corn)
    shredded romaine lettuce

    Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
    3 tbs braggs liquid aminos or low sodium soy sauce
    3 tbs brown rice syrup or other type syrup
    3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
    1 tbs grated ginger
    black pepper to taste
    4 large portobello mushrooms, stemmed

    ( variation my idea: use reserve liquid to sautee spinach or other greens in to add to tacos)

    1. combine the soy suace, brown rice syrup, garlic,lace the ginger, and pepper in a small bowl and mix well.

    2. place the mushrooms stem side up on a baking dish. Pour the marinade over the mushrooms and let marinate for 1 hour.

    3. prepare the grill

    4. pour the excess marinade off the mushrooms, reserving the liquid, and place the mushrooms on the grill. Grill each side for 4 minutes, brushing with the marinade every few minutes.
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    Sounds good Terri... I love portobellos.

    I'm still working more than ever, not getting any exercise in but diet has been staying fairly on track. I need to be happy with that for now, I hope next week to rearrange my schedule a bit and get some exercise in.

    B - slice of toast and cantaloupe
    L - usual salad, some blue corn chips
    D - red lentil kale soup
    S - cherries, persimmon

  • Mihani
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    Staying home tomorrow, brought files home to work on. Will be in the office Sunday. I'm starting to see some progress. It's been a long time since I have felt even slightly on top of things.

    B - cantaloupe and a slice of toast
    L - subway veggie sub no dressing
    D - mac oh geeze (Dreena Burton recipe - so not ETL but so good!)
    S - cherries and a persimmon
  • tdh1991
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    cooking this am, finally had the time.
    made Sweet greens soup and creamy broccoli soup thus far
    will make the polenta pizza with the Bechemel sauce tonight, top it with spinach, broccolli and oinion

    the holy communion was nice. They ended up taking us to a French Restaurant after and of course not much to eat on plan there, so I had a plate of lettuce and sauteed mushrooms. Had a yummy dinner though, we stopped at a Vietnamese Restaurant on the way home and had a large plate of broccoli and rice in a brown sauce. Was delicious.

    This weekend having some family come to visit. They have little kids so I thought I would try the Squash Macaroni dinner--hopefully they will think it is just macaroni and cheese.

  • Mihani
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    Sounds good Terri. I have been craving starchy carbs again, which happens when I allow myself to have them. Go figure!

    Stayed home Saturday and got some things done around here. Worked all day in the office Sunday and I'm glad I did because today was crazy with interruptions every five minutes.

    B - cantaloupe
    L - steamer broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with nooch and ground pepper, blue corn chips, cantaloupe
    D - wheat wrap with avocado, onion, tomatoes, red pepper, lettuce
    S - an apple and a few almonds

    Going to get on the treadmill tonight. I've been putting it off too long!
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    It does me good to read all the posts and see what everyone has been doing. Those grilled portobellos look delicious! As does the cilantro avocado cream topping. I love quinoa and especially with sautéed vegetables in it. I’m not sure I’ve tried Mediterranean quinoa, though. It freezes well, by the way, as does brown rice. That way I can toss it in a dish at a moment’s notice.

    Aside from a delicious lentil curry I’ve been making quite a bit lately, I have made the triple treat cabbage slaw over and over. I can eat that for 3 days in a row, like I have a craving for cabbage. Weird. I did make some ETL Apple Supreme for breakfast, then ended up eating it all in one day. Same problem with the ETL friendly chocolate pumpkin loaf I make. I have no willpower lately.

    I keep losing my log-in streak. I can't seem to get back in the swing of things lately. I wonder if this is the "3-year-itch" cycle for lifestyle changes. I'm still working (although obviously not very hard) at losing the last 7 of the extra 10 pounds that insists on hanging around. It's as simple, for me, as eating less and moving a bit more. Simple but, lately anyway, not easy. :-( On the positive side, I will have kept my excess weight off for 4 years, come July 15 of this year. That is, indeed, a huge accomplishment for me.
  • Mihani
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    Hi Lisa! I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad to see you. What's the triple treat slaw? I tried the super slaw from the ETL cookbook and wasn't thrilled with it. I added a bunch of ground pepper, celery seed, and I think some dry mustard, and it was much better.

    I may be a bit scarce the next week or so. The secretary is off on vacation after today so I'm going to be putting in longer days covering the phones and all that while she's away.
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    So my new project is to work on never binge again. I do great for weeks then the monster comes out and I binge :( found this free ebook I started to read it. Will let you know if it will work for me.

    On the positive note. I went and bought new clothes last Sunday and put away all the clothes that do not fit me any more. . I am down to a size 2 and 4. Loft 2 Talbots 4
    When I was trying on clothes to put away it is hard to imagine I was ever that large.

    This week we will be eating down the freezer--no more space. Then I will start a 4 day fast on Thursday afternoon.

    B:oatmeal/chia seeds/mixed berries and green juice (chard, kale, watermelon, hemp seed)
    L: salad bar
    D: sweet greens soup, grilled vegetables, mushrooms

    Another goal this week is to get my house Gma ready. My parents will be visiting next week. We will be getting ready for my daughter's graduation. Having a big party on June 4, Graduation in on June 5. The college has a whole weekend of events starting on Friday night. We rented a really cute modern log cabin that is not far from campus.

  • whats_her_name
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    I could benefit from that book too. This rut I'm in is a tough one...

    This morning, i am trying something new.

    Breakfasts: juice made fresh from my juicer
    Lunches: green smoothies
    Afternoon snack: veggies & hummus (this is my danger time when I usually binge)
    Supper: stirfry veggies (gbombs)

    I've got my juices and smoothies made for today and tomorrow. This might actually be easier than just juicing, since I only had to make 1 juice recipe for 2 days. A lot less time-consuming...
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    HI all,

    Happy unofficial start to the summer this weekend. :)

    Will be a quite one for me. My husband and I do not have any plans this weekend.

    Has been quite hear on this thread. I guess everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.

    Today after lunch I will start my 4 day water fast. Can't say I am too excited about that but I know it will be good for my body to take a break from digesting and cleanse itself.

    I still have a lot of cleaning to do this weekend hope I will have enough energy to do that.