Hungry! - What keeps you full?



  • shaybee377
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    For some weird reason, a big ole sweet potato topped with sauteed veggies and a little cheese fills me up more than any food I've ever eaten, haha. You can top them with anything-chili, pulled pork/chicken, salsa and beans- the possibilities are endless!
  • zoemay101
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    I have a soda thingy and make fizzy water because I prefer that to plain and prob helps a bit. I snack on Greek yoghurt and peanut powder. Each day I make a big salad from red, green and Napa cabbage with shredded carrot and other raw things like broccoli and red pepper and keep in fridge. I make a big bottle of dressing for the whole week to make it tasty and if I add sesame seeds it will help me feel fuller. Having this all to hand is good because I will opt for whatever is easy in the moment.
  • ghpkap
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    Will give these a try. I also feel hungry right after a meal. I drink plenty of water but I think I just love to eat!
  • chocolate_owl
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    This site has some of the best high-protein recipes I've seen, mostly baked goods:

    I have needed this site in my life. Thanks for posting this!

  • mom23mangos
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    lucygliang wrote: »
    This site has some of the best high-protein recipes I've seen, mostly baked goods:

    I have needed this site in my life. Thanks for posting this!

    Yes!!!! Amazing link. I made the Red Lobster biscuits last night they were great! Kind of weird texture as it's basically merainge (sp?), but the taste was spot on. I will totally be making those again, but cutting down on the salt. I love salt, but it was too much for even me.
  • kat00_ca
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    I used to get hungry like you until I figured out that I needed a high-protein breakfast which includes 2 eggs and some cheese. THat helped me not be so hungry throughout the day. In addition, I always keep a container of nuts at my desk. That seems to help curb my hunger for a bit.
  • ressapowell
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    I like to have my protien shake for breakfast and oatmeal with cinnamon and banana for lunch. Healthy carbs that help keep me feeling full until dinner
  • GoKelsey
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    You actually need a good mix of protein, fat, and carbs. Protein stabilizes your blood sugar, carbs give you energy (without this you will surely get hungry) and the fat digests slowly, making you feel full. I've also found that putting my PFCs on a pile of greens makes it seem like I'm eating a lot more and will feel fuller (could be the fiber in there too). I may cook up some chicken (protein) in olive oil (fat), throw that in a bowl of spinach and then grab whatever fruit or veggie I have lying around (carb). Apples and bananas have been my go-to carbs recently.

    And do eat regularly! I eat a 250 calorie meal (that follows my macros) every 3 hours. So you could eat smaller meals more often if it works better for you.
  • 22Brentwoodgirl
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    I have adjusted my thinking from wanting to feel full to wanting to not feel hungry. Big difference in this mindset for me.
    I agree with posters above that protein and lots of greens are great choices. I drink lots of water too.
  • nakima
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    For a quick go to when I am hungry (especially at night) is a fruit smoothy with 1/2 cup frozen mixed fruit (thawed) 1/2 cup plain non fat yogart and 1/2 cup soy or almond milk. blend it up in my nutribullet. Filling and sooo good :) about 118 cals
  • emileesudweek
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    10 ALMONDS. they expand in your stomach. and healthy fats.
  • AnnaM1234
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    I have noticed that my appetite is reduced for a bit after exercising. If you know you have eaten enough nutrients and calories recently try to add in some exercise if possible. Maybe it will work for you too.
  • SpeedRacer13
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    Nothing makes me feel full...I'm always hungry knowing I only have 1200 calories...LOL
  • DanyellMcGinnis
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    One thing that has always worked for me is super strong Chinese-style green tea (not the regular supermarket stuff like Lipton calling itself green tea). You can get it on Amazon or from international markets. It is not the most pleasant drinking experience (though you do start to get used to it after a time) but it keeps me from wanting to eat.
  • brenda_men
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    Protein shake. And lots of water.
  • vrojapu
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    Oranges and apples have recently become my go-to for the hungry parts of my day.
  • rlehner
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    I drink two isalean protein shakes twice a day and eat a healthy balanced meal. I love them
  • YewDream
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    I am a grazer by nature. I eat all day long and that seems to keep me happy. I only have one really designated "meal" which is dinner and I tend to keep that kinda minimal, enough to keep me from getting hungry before bed. If you want to eat, eat.

    Also of note, I found this fruity green tea fusion that I enjoy because I was looking for a way to spice up water. I never drink enough if it doesn't have some kind of flavour to it. This seemed to help with hunger as a plus, more than just carrying around a water ever did. I chill it and drink it cold in a bottle.

    Good luck.
  • jalynwatson21
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    A whole-wheat tortilla with melted peanut butter, then with a bit of greek yogurt and a banana. It is rather calorie dense, so I recommend cutting the serving in half.
  • esaucier17
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