Questions about post op diet!

Help needed! I had my lap band surgery on July 6th 2016. Since then i have been living off of water, G2 Gatorade, 6-8 oz chicken broth and 1 little cup of sugar free jello each day and I have only lost a pound and a half. I have been walking at least 30 minutes a day on the treadmill and trying to stay active. I would be exercising more but I'm still full of gas and bloated. Any suggestions????


  • gaining_while_losing
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    What does your surgeon say?
  • EatinRight4Ever
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    I go back for my follow up with my surgeon tomorrow. I've dropped over 7 lbs in the last few days because I was holding lots of fluids. I feel much better since passing the fluids and lots of gas.
  • cmchandler74
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    Don't panic! Post-op fluids can stick around for up to a couple of weeks after surgery. You'll see the pounds start dropping off soon. Also, there is a stall coming up around weeks 3-4. Almost never fails. Don't worry - grab a tape measure and watch your mass decrease during that time and the scale will start moving again soon.
  • salinasg1
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    Hi, I had my sleeve done on the 6th too. I cant believe you are working out, good for you. I cant keep anything done, its such a struggle, nothing taste right and hurts going down. Im barely walking.
  • EatinRight4Ever
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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon!
  • cm3540
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    I was banded July 8th and am down about 5 lbs. started full fluids today so it was easier to add calories and nutrients. I think I need more calories to start losing in a healthy way. Right after surgery I was on water for a day then added clear fluids - I was never hungry but after 5 days I had zero energy. Today I worked out, walked on the treadmill, since I added more food (protein shake and creamed soup :)).
  • EatinRight4Ever
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    I think walking every day helped me to pass the fluids and gas from surgery quicker. I really started feeling better after i started back drinking my protein shakes and had some grits!