How do you log the exercise "1 hour with evil personal trainer"?

SmokeRising Posts: 34 Member
It sounds funny because my personal trainer is truly evil. He believes in "complete burnout" so I am usually jello for the rest of the day after one of his sessions. But, the scale is moving again so I won't complain. Seriously though, how do you log 1 hour of personal training? I do so many things during a session, there is no way I can remember them all and I never remember the correct gym lingo.


  • cabennett99
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    I use either "cross training" or "Calesthetics - Vigorous" to record activities that aren't specifically listed (In my case it's kettle bells).
  • SmokeRising
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    Thanks - I found it. That one works!
  • ki4eld
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    I also only log 1/2 the time I actually spent, since MFP's exercise burns are notoriously too high. So 1 hour of yoga becomes 30 minutes.
  • garber6th
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    I use the "Strength Training" entry on MFP for working out with my trainer.
  • NicoleL874
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    I just wanted to jump in and say this thread topic tickles me greatly. I think MFP should be approached with a suggestion for a new exercise entry. My trainer wishes I would call him evil. I'm too stubborn for him to be as evil as he would like to think he is. :wink:
  • garber6th
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    I tell my trainer, "Tomorrow when I hurt, I am going to be cursing you SO much", and he just laughs. When I whine, he tells me to whine all I want as long as I keep moving. I told him whining burns extra calories :-)