Is carbon fatigue a thing?

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I'm thinking about putting a new drivetrain on my 7yr old carbon roadie. It still rides well, never been in a real accident, and there's no visible damage, so I feel like it's got plenty of life left. But it is 7yrs old. Does carbon fatigue, for lack of a better word, over time?


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    Is it lugged?

    All things fatigue. Aluminum has a limited number of fatigue cycles, so if you get on and off an alu bike several millions of times, it will eventually break. Same with carbon, although CF beats steel and alu for this. If you don't actually damage it, like in a crash, it should outlast you.
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    Thanks... good to know,.

    No, it is not lugged. I'll take it apart and give it a good cleaning this weekend, then a full visual inspection. Assuming nothing jumps out at me, I'll assume it's still got some life left.
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    Good article on CF technology & evolution. Thanks.