Where Are You From?



  • katieconnorkc
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    I'm from the southwest side of the Kansas City area, in Lenexa Kansas. My training has to this point always been routes from around my home, but I have considered joining some local "groupie runs" at a running store not too far away. The only reason I haven't joined yet is that they run on Sunday and I do my long runs on Saturday. First world problem, I know.

    That's where I'm from! Living in Manhattan, KS now though so I can't run with you. Those groups are awesome though and they usually end up going for beers after so I highly recommend joining!
  • bigrevkev55
    bigrevkev55 Posts: 11 Member
    Nashville, TN
  • dowelahmed
    dowelahmed Posts: 26 Member
    Hi everyone from a warm (for the time being!) London
  • TattooedDolphinGirl78
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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • clepant
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    zoe2434 wrote: »
    Pittsburgh, PA

    @clepant I'm not too far away from you, I'm in McCandless!
    clepant wrote: »
    Pittsburgh, PA near Wexford

    Sorry that I never saw this. I live in McCandless too. I am actually in Ingomar, PA.
  • 9voice9
    9voice9 Posts: 693 Member
    I'm originally from Tennessee but now I live in DC!

    What part? I was on the Cumberland Plateau (Crossville) for about 5 years.
  • mgebersold
    mgebersold Posts: 20 Member
    In between Charlotte and Greensboro NC
  • jlyeki
    jlyeki Posts: 7 Member
    I'm from Missouri. A little town about an hour south of St louis.
  • roselover58
    roselover58 Posts: 96 Member
    Is it okay to walk? I'm not really a runner (no matter how much I stretch/warm up, my shins don't like the running). If not, please let me know, and thanks!

    I am from the south Texas area (hill country)
  • Fitness_WonderWoman
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    I am from Ohio
  • Azercord
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    Tucson, AZ
  • Twallace101
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    I am from Locust Grove, Ga., which is about 40 miles south of Atlanta.
  • bigrevkev55
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  • bigrevkev55
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    lyndaod wrote: »
    I live in rural Kentucky. A small town called Rochester.

    I grew up in a small rural town in KY called Cerulean. The closest "big city" is Hopkinsville.
  • jazlynunbedacht
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    New to the group and about a year late to post! I'm from Provo, Utah area. Used to be a big runner, then had some injuries and babies.
  • JollyMolly72
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    Atlanta Georgia training for the Thanksgiving half!
  • MariDor13
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    I'm in Sterling, VA. I'm a beginner but plan to be able to run/jog nonstop 1 mile by the end of summer.
  • temaza
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    North East Scotland
  • johnnylloyd0618
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    Land O' Lakes, /North of Tampa
  • sewfrenzie
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    Milaca Minnesota