How to Manage PMS Cravings/lost 20 but gained it back

I am a 38 year old wife and mom of 3 children. I love to run and eat healthy for the most part, but I do have a strong sweet tooth. I lost about 20 pounds when I started logging my food on MFP about a year ago. Today I am at my starting point again and feeling discouraged. I would like to lose about 20 pounds again and this time maintain it instead of gaining it back. I have trouble with balance sometimes. I find sometimes my cravings are so strong that I don't know how to stop myself from sugar/carb cravings. Very frustrated with myself. Trying to make a fresh start and looking for people in the same situation.


  • belmonmc
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    I am 41 year wife and mother of three children too. I need to drop 20 pounds. I just got done eating a peanut butter cup....ugh!!! I always am so motivated in the morning, but just lose control at night! I think it is the combination sugar addiction and feeling overwhelmed lately! I find myself not even hungry, just eating.... Monday is my new beginning!
  • julie2038
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    I have been logging food with MFP for 429 days. What I have learned over these months is there is most definitely a time in the month that I crave higher fat, sugar, or salty food!! What's different this time is I choose to not let being a women and having these special changes in our bodies throw my diet off. The first few months were the hardest. I felt like I was barely hanging on, but I did. I exercised a little more, but I didn't turn to the foods that I know will throw my diet off. I am just finishing my cycle now and I have noticed that it has become easier. Good luck!
  • runnermom1977
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I definitely feel the same. I start off healthy and by the end of the day it's cupcakes! Starting Sunday to lose my 20 pounds again and find balance to maintain. I do need to be stronger when those cravings hit because I do notice that when I don't give in, it gets easier, but when I give in, it's so hard to get the control back!
  • WindSparrow
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    I'm 46. (no kids - I bet that really throws a monkey wrench into food planning for yourselves) I find that when I eat enough fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, my own cravings simmer down quite a bit. My intense love of chocolate mysteriously morphs into "yeah I guess chocolate is nice". But the trick is, for me, enough fruits and vegetables is in the neighborhood of 2 pieces of fresh fruit plus 5 cups of cooked vegetables daily (for raw veg, double that amount). That is really tough to do, let alone keep up, particularly if you have anyone else to account for in your meal planning.
  • lcdoglover
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    I'm 38, mom as well and I just got done with evening emotional eating episode. Went onto here to look for help. Got some good feedback here!
  • csb2245
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    I'm a 44 yo mum of 2 and last year lost 10kg with MFP and was the lightest and fittest I had ever been in my adult life. With family illness and my son bullied at school last year I emotionally ate to cope and put it all back on, then more. I have decided enough is enough so count me in!