10/06 Thurdsay SLBC

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Today's Challenge: Stress is an inevitable part of our lives and it also has terrible health consequences. Sometimes a short walking break is all that's needed to bring our stress levels way down. So today, when you feel stressed, take a quick 5 or 10 minute break and go for a quick walk. If you can walk outside, even better! And if you are a stress eater, cultivating the habit of walking (or any activity) when you are stressed instead of eating is a great way to shed more pounds.

Alternative Challenge: Make a bingo sheet filled with physical activities and try to finish as many as you can.


  • thinisinforlynn2
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    Great idea!
  • bdgfn
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    This is so true regarding stress. And since I have started setting an alarm hourly to get up and walk, I feel so much less stressed, even on days like today which are stupid crazy at work!
  • LogR4Life
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    With each stand reminder I get today I'll take 250 steps.
  • motivatedeeat74
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    good idea
  • b07278
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    Great...heading to cider mill and will walk around apple orchard. Take home prize...fresh picked apples.
  • HappyAnna2014
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    Great idea! Stress has been one of my biggest enemies my whole life. For whatever reason, I can not deal well with stress...and it is not good for my health. I'm going to focus hard on this goal.
  • gkingbr
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    awesome ideah!
  • fanncy0626
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    Great ideas! I am going to take several walks today! I will set my alarm every hour today!
  • betsym3
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    Great idea!
    MARILYNENA Posts: 50 Member
    I work on my pc all day, so I also have set the alarm every hour to remember to drink my water, now i will add a short 10 min stress relieving stroll!
  • fanncy0626
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    My insomnia has been at a record daily event! I feel so lethargic during the day that it is even hard for me to get my workout done. So, I decided to join this group and see if that would help. Today's challenge was to get up and take a walk periodically during the day. I normally do walk 5 miles at one time but then I usually just sit around because I am so exhausted from not sleeping. So instead I set my alarm for 6-1 hour time periods 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock,… I then get ready for my walk take Shep (my dog) out of course and set my timer for 10 minutes. I walked at a brisk pace and when the timer went off I turned around and came home.
  • Schpau51
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    I like this. Every morning at my work, we close the office for 20 minutes so that we can all go for a brisk walk together. We just started it this week, and I simply love it. It enables you to release the stress, helps to clear your mind and it is physically rewarding.
  • fanncy0626
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    Wow! That challenge was exhausting! After the 5 walks I totaled 7.29 miles.

  • 77tes
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    So true about walking off the stress. Like the athletes say, "Walk it off." :smile:
  • Nikion901
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    I made my Exercise Bingo Sheet ... want to share it with you here. Will let you know at the end of the month how I did on it.1ui994iacsw4.png
  • themedalist
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    Nikion901 wrote: »
    I made my Exercise Bingo Sheet ... want to share it with you here. Will let you know at the end of the month how I did on it.

    This is terrific @Nikion901! Let us know how it goes for you!