Post the differences you are noticing in how you feel

This morning I woke up and all my joint pain was gone. Normally I'm popping aspirin and hobble around because my knees, ankles, and feet feel like they are sprained.

I don't care if it is water weight, inflammation going away, or actual fat loss. Feeling good, now that's the ticket.


  • MichelleB10022023
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    I started the ketogenic diet a week ago today. Never had the keto flu or any carb cravings. I have never felt better. I am sleeping great and the last 2 mornings have woken up without an alarm before 7am (which NEVER happens. I haven't even lost 3 lbs, but I know the initial weight loss is all water anyway. I'm just focusing on becoming keto adapted, and that can take weeks to months.
  • maezombiegirl
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    I find that high fat helps me mentally. Yes, joint pain is better. And many improvements to appetite, but I like the benefit to my mental health the best!
  • mizwatts
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    I am also on day 7 of Keto. On day 3 I felt nauseous during dinner (all the fat started making me feel sick) so I made it a point to add more spinach into my meals and up my water and I started feeling better. Other than a little lightheadedness/headache here and there, I didn't get much of the Keto flu either!

    On day 5 I started feeling better and having more energy, and there hasn't been a single day so far where my stomach growled or I've felt hungry. In fact, I've skipped my mid-morning snack a few times because I realized I was eating it out of habit, not because I was hungry! I really like this benefit. I'm not always looking for something to munch on.

    I miss fruit A LOT but I've been eating strawberries which helps. They have carbs so I've gone over 20g net carbs on most days, but so far never over 30g and I still managed to make it into Ketosis by day 6. (I bought keto sticks, I know they can be inaccurate but because I haven't gotten many symptoms yet I wanted to make sure I was at least on the right track.

    My quest now is to prepare more interesting meals this week! I need to find some meals that have the fat and protein but don't taste 'fatty' all the time...I probably need to go heavier on the veg this week. But for now a good start I think!
  • GlitterRayne
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    My skin is clearing up. Also I am not having disaster pants stomach issues anymore (Unless I eat something I shouldn't.)
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    Update: I found that while my joint pain has definitely lessened it's still there. Went to the doctor aaaaand, plantar fascitis in my left foot, arthritis in the left knee, and Achilles tendinitis in the right ankle. The good thing is keto is anti-inflammatory which is nice, so I've got that going for me.
  • changingleemfp
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    I am on day seven, and my energy is amazing! I have already lost over 5 lbs, 1.5% bf, and 1.75 inches from my waist (I know, I know... water weight).

    The mental clarity is astounding! I feel like I might fully recover my brain function (it has felt diminished since my nervous breakdown five years ago).
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
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    "If I eat a peace of fat? Oh man, the energy rush is damn near magical, especially if it's from something like butter.

    I like to call it Keto Super powers.

  • dk6boys
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    I had to set up for a rather large dinner fundraiser yesterday. I moved and lifted 8 ft tables like they were nothing. Went 7 hours with no food, just water. Felt incredible the entire day!
  • kethra
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    I'm feeling so much better. For months, I've just been down, both mentally and physically. I hit an all new high weight this year. As many of you probably can attest - 2016 SUCKS!

    Anyway, I started keto on Nov 1st, so I'm in the 4th week now. I had the keto flu for around 4-5 days, felt nausea and dizziness that was alleviated by some broth and even a few strips of bacon.

    After that passed, I've felt exponentially better than before keto. I have energy now (SHOCKER!) and even have been able to get up and start working out - baby steps!

    My skin is clearing up, I'm hydrated to the max, and I've lost 10lbs since starting when I weighed in yesterday (11/22).

    I was thinking yesterday about what makes keto work for me. I'm cooking my own meals, something I didn't do before - we ate out a lot or ate processed junk at home. With keto, I don't feel hungry. I don't even have super cravings anymore. Today, I ate a relatively large lunch, all keto friendly, and I feel satisfied but not overly, uncomfortably full. My body just really loves being on this diet. Non-scale victories abound, like my jeans no longer feel like they're cutting me in half - I stubbornly avoided buying new jeans when I hit my all time high weight this year -, my bras/underwear are starting to feel baggy, and I just LOOK and feel like I'm slimming down. I don't look like a puffy version of myself.

    It's also helping my habits in general. My daughter and I cook together now - she's 10 and was starting to get like I was at that age - the chubbiness - the product of her eating the same junk we've been eating for months. So now, she's cooking with me, eating a modified version of my diet (she eats fruits and more carbs but still healthy), and that makes me so very happy. She's slimming down without me having to bring attention to it, and it's helping her confidence by leaps and bounds.

    Wow, I didn't intend for this post to turn into a book, but it just goes to show how much keto has changed my life, and my family's, for the better.
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    4 years Keto for me. 35kg down (not a lot in 4 years but I've mainly changed my way of eating for health reasons). At 38 I was pre-diabetic. Now at 42 my bloods are always spot on and my Dr tells me I've never been healthier. My joints also hurt less (from the weight loss or keto I'm not sure - probably both). Noticeable day to day benefits though, I'm not hungry. This is the number one thing for me. I was driven by food for 20 years. I was "on a diet" for 20 years, obsessively counting calories and weighing myself and getting fatter and fatter as the years went by. I am now free. I still love food, but I am not controlled by it. I can stand in the kitchen with my work colleagues while they eat the cake and not feel tempted or deprived. I also sleep better, and need less of it. I am sharper and more motivated.

    My Dad passed away this year after 15 years of pain and illness as a result of diabetes complications. I sat in the hospital with him for 2 days and listened to him drown in his own lung fluid due to heart failure brought on by what diabetes had done to his body. He was 68. Until the day he died he believed what his doctor told him, that fat was bad for him but carbs were fine. I like to think that the changes I've made now have saved me from that fate.
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    I've been here, and on keto on and off for about 4-5 years or so. I started in 2013, and went from 280/285 down to 140, fell off the wagon several times, made a few attempts to get back on track and here I am again with about 50 lbs to lose.

    Either way, I love Keto because it always curbs my appetite; I seldom feel hungry, and always have plenty of energy.