Still new to Keto - Logging Carbs on MFP?

Hi all, so I used the Keto calculator on site. My limit for carbs is 20g net. However, when I enter food in my diary, it selects the total carbs and not net.

For instance: I just drank an Atkins Milk Chocolate Delight shake. It contains 5g total carbs and 3 of fiber. MFP logged 5g in my diary.

Am I missing something?
Thanks for your input!


  • HeartIcare
    HeartIcare Posts: 52 Member
    Did you adjust the macro settings % in MFP under "Goals"? The simple version is free for the extended info you have the buy the premium upgrade. Or install and use the Foodfastfit. app to show the grams and netcarbs.
  • Indy408
    Indy408 Posts: 11 Member
    MFP doesn't do net carbs, you just have to do the subtraction yourself. If you turn your phone to landscape mode, you will be able to see your total fiber grams to do the calculation. It's simple, but annoying since it'll still show you as "over".
  • CQuarantine
    CQuarantine Posts: 5 Member

    This script written by /u/Surye (which is also on the /r/keto sidebar will run on your desktop MFP site. It will automatically add a 'net carb' column for you. So you won't see it on your phone but you would on a desktop. It's another option.
  • TheAncientMariner
    TheAncientMariner Posts: 444 Member
    I would just manually subtract the fiber in the instant I'm viewing my diary. The math is super simple so it really isn't much of an issue.
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    I've been entering recipes and meals into MFP for future use and verifying the carb/fat/protein ratios. By having the menus already set it all becomes a no-brainer.
  • gwendyprism
    gwendyprism Posts: 222 Member
    When searching for Atkins type items type "net carbs" next to items name. Some people have added Atkins products using net carbs instead of total carbs.
  • jamiecharles
    jamiecharles Posts: 2 Member
    Regarding net carbs, is anyone subtracting sugar alcohol (erythritol as an example) as well as fibre from the total carb count? I've been hoping MFP adds net carbs and takes these values into account in future iterations.
  • zanyterp
    zanyterp Posts: 291 Member
    @jamiecharles i subtract them manually when i enter a new food (if it looks like it is not already removed). when i create a recipe for entering, i do not even bother adding in the erythritol in the ingredients list
  • bmotaghi
    bmotaghi Posts: 2 Member
    Someone made a script for a chrome/firefox addon which I am using. It only works on your computer, but it works great: