8 lb Boston Butt

Anyone got a good low carb recipe for a slow cooker. I have the butt defrosted and want to end up with pulled pork...never done this before but I gave 8 hours on my hand. Kids sick, stuck in house, hoping I have all ingredients needed.


  • escalada22
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    I always just put it in the crock pot with just about any seasonings you want. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. I then take out of crock pot, get out the bone and as much fat as possible. Shred it down with forks then add BBQ sauce as we eat it. Sometimes my hubby likes to eat without the sauce as well!
  • SuperCarLori
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    I concur with the lady above. Season to your tastes, cook long and low.
  • williams969
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    For 8-10lbs of pork butt:

    Here's your rub:
    1T chili powder (or more)
    1tsp cumin
    1tsp cinnamon
    1-2T kosher salt

    Slow cook on a bed of 2 or 3 sliced onions (discard after cooking) and chicken broth for moisture. No BBQ sauce needed. Keto and ZC friendly deliciousness!
  • MKknits
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    Agreed - if you want a recipe to follow Nom Nom paleo has a great one for Kalua Pork. So good.

    I just made one that I just put about 1 cup of chicken stock, created a rub with chilli powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and a touch of cinnamon rubbed that all over the boston butt put it in the crock pot on low until it was falling apart. Then I saved some of the fat on top and when I warm it up I put a bit of the fat that it cooked in and make kind of a carnita type thing.
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    Oh, those rubs sound good @williams969 and @MKknits. Since I cook for only 2 most of the time, I've not been buying butts often (despite having a freezer). The local stores have been selling what they call "pork steaks" which are thick cut slices of pork butt and I've been buying those. Gonna try the rubs. Adding cinnamon is new to me and can see how that would we delicious! Thanks!
  • jenngerpeacox
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    Thanks, great ideas all! And stuff I have here. Pork is in the crockpot with seasonings on a bed of onion and garlic. Cant wait! Should be done by 6 I'm hoping. I actually had to cut a chunk off since the whole thing wouldn't wedge in my crock pot and the other chunk is in the oven slow toasting. Anyone used the fat trimmings to make pork rinds?
  • RowdysLady
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    Yep! Pork rinds are delish especially when home made. Cut into thin strips, put on baking tray with parchment, season with salt, pepper. Bake at 325 til crisp. Or you can slow cook at about 180 degrees forever and a day.
  • jenngerpeacox
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    Thank you, I'm really looking forward to popping those strips in the oven! I'm going to try to season with some garlic too and maybe even some parm cheese! Sounds yummy!
  • 40DayFit
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    If you have it, smoked paprika would be a great addition to those seasoning mixes! A light hand, because it's a wonderfully full flavor that doesn't require tons.
  • jenngerpeacox
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    I do have the paprika, I also added it to my butt before I put it in. Roast just came out of the oven and it is awesome, so moist, and it has a nice crispy skin to it! Doubt crockpot piece will have any crisp but will probably fall apart a little better. Man, I can't believe I hadn't tried this sooner.
  • jenngerpeacox
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    The butt rocked! Thanks for all the ideas, I'll be living off this meat for the rest of the week. I made cheddar cheese taco shells (for the first time), added avocado, ranch(didn't have any salsa) and spinach. So good! Wish I got a pic before I devoured it.
  • emaline2210
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    I build my whole menu for the week off of one butt! I haven't made one since going lc, but I used to do stuffed potatoes and it's one of my faves. I'll have to come up with an alternative!
  • jenngerpeacox
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    @emaline2210 you could do some loaded cauliflower mash with pork on top. That actually sounds real good. Might be dinner tomorrow!
  • MKknits
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    @emaline2210 you could do some loaded cauliflower mash with pork on top. That actually sounds real good. Might be dinner tomorrow!

    Try the crack slaw but with the pulled pork as the meat...amazeballs.
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    Haha...when I read the title of this post I wished I had an "8 lb Boston Butt"! My butt is much bigger and definitely not from Boston.