MAF food bars


  • Sabine_Stroehm
    Sabine_Stroehm Posts: 19,263 Member
    Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for a home made bar.
  • KnitOrMiss
    KnitOrMiss Posts: 10,104 Member
    I wish someone would make a bar that doesn't use any form of coconut. Nearly all bars use unsweetened shredded coconut for form and cohesiveness, but I cannot stand any form of coconut beyond the unflavored refined coconut oil or MCT oil. I will literally gag on frustrating!
  • 40DayFit
    40DayFit Posts: 246 Member
    For how I'm currently eating, the honey in these put them out of reach. If you do try them, tell us how you liked them!
  • esjones12
    esjones12 Posts: 1,363 Member
    MAF is my life right now. So so SOOOO much endurance training lol. I've been using a lot of bulletproof stuff........but these I shall have to look into!