MFP Friends? Why?

I have used MFP for a few years on & off but never checked out the forums, boards until this time around. So what's the deal with Friending someone? do you privately chat then, like some other chat forums do, or is it more so you can share meal plans, check up on each other, or do you not really interact at all, its more of just a courtesy thing when you appreciate and like someone's comments?

What interactions do you have with your "Friends"?


  • baconslave
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    Well most of my interaction via Friends in in my Status/News Feed. On the Home screen, it keeps a running tab of what they post (status updates, weight loss, exercise, diary stuff, and etc). It's like a low-tech MFP Facebook to keep up with your friends. You can comment on their status updates and have conversations. And you can always have convos via PM.

    Your interaction level is what you want. I make sure to like people's status, losses, login streaks to let them know they have been heard. And if I feel compelled to leave an agreement or an encouraging comment (if I have the time) I do.
  • kimberlyb6682
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    I like to peek at their diaries to get meal ideas, cheer them on when their weight goes down and give them some encouragement if they slip up or pick up some water weight. but not many of the people on my friends list post a lot
  • tcunbeliever
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    My favorite part is chatty friends who post their brain ramblings for the day...or their workouts if they are interesting or if they are tracking progress, it's encouraging to see other people succeed and always brightens my day...I try to post something supportive for workouts that people log and weight that is lost - to me those are important accomplishments for health improvements...I do get a bit annoyed at some of the automated posts and I wish people would turn them off or that MFP had a way for me to filter them out of my newsfeed even if others want to keep letting the system post them...I don't particularly care if you clicked the button to complete your logging for the day or what other friend you recently acquired, I tend to ignore those...

    I have all of my setting public, but for some people you won't be able to see their posts at all or their diary unless you are friends - sometimes not even then just depending on their MFP settings.
  • AngiesCookie
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    ok! I didn't know all of those features existed since I didn't have any friends on here. Its nice that its on the home screen to see updates from them.
  • Cadori
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    I don't really post anything of my own, but I love to comment on my friends' feeds, "like" losses and workouts and be supportive in my own way. :)
  • kimberwolf71
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    It can be both inspiring and comforting to know that others are experiencing the same struggles or triumphs. It can help you feel supported and be a great source of advice.
  • SuperCarLori
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    The friends I've made here are honestly the best friends I have! Welcome to your own fitness pals! High five!
  • nvmomketo
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    Many people like to post in their news feed. It's a safe spot to do so because you have picked the people who see it - usually a supportive bunch.

    I'm afraid that I'm a very bad friend. I rarely check it - maybe once a month. Others are active and get a lot of good conversations going.
  • bowlerae
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    There are some friends I don't hear from at all and that's ok with me. If their diaries are still active I can take a peek or I can give them encouragement if perhaps they are not active because they fell off the wagon but eventually they decide to hop back on. I have a ton of non-lchf friends from before I was lchf, I'm actually trying to weed some of them out and only keep friends that follow the same WOE. I don't want any temptations looking at someone's diary. Meanwhile, other friends are incredibly active and supportive. I am motivated when I see someones daily log in streak or that they are exercising. I will occasionally vent in my statuses or ask for recipe help and many people are always there to offer support. Especially @KnitOrMiss!!!
  • KnitOrMiss
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    @bowlerae - Thanks. I appreciate that. I do try to keep up with folks, but weekends, and holidays, especially, I get a bit behind. I'd love to filter out SOME of the automated messages and such, too...but not all of them. I get irritated that MFP will only let you go back so far, but that is what it is. I'm always glad when friends message me if I missed something. I get overwhelmed sometimes, but I've learned A LOT in the last several years, and continue to experiment, so I'm always glad to pass something on if it helps ANYONE. :)
  • AngiesCookie
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    thanks! I'm willing to be anyone's friend in THIS group (not those crazy CICO people on the main forum)
    I'm active every weekday (at work) and hope that having others looking will keep me going with my food diary and tracking!

    Feel free to Add me, if you would like! :) I Promise, I Will be around for a while.
  • CoffeeNBooze
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    I interact with about 8? out of 80 something. I have so many that will just add me and then they never post anything at all and/or stop logging in. So I think people add others initially for support, to not feel alone in the process. But in my experience not many people are interactive with the people they add on mfp.
  • cstehansen
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    I interact with about 8? out of 80 something. I have so many that will just add me and then they never post anything at all and/or stop logging in. So I think people add others initially for support, to not feel alone in the process. But in my experience not many people are interactive with the people they add on mfp.

    By comparison, there are over 35,000 members of this forum, but I would guess under 100 who participate in these threads more than once a week.

    The sad thing is many make resolutions - New Years and otherwise - and they don't last long.

    I am fairly active in many of the threads and not so active on my home page and with friends.
  • Libellue23
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    With the friends, I can go either way.
    People who have added me after a support and motivation post i try to actively support.
    Others who ive addedate fairly inactive.
    I figure we put in to it what we want to get out of it.