Ever eat something then regret it?

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Thought I would check in to see if anyone has eaten something post op and then regretted it? After the WLS post op diet is done and you transition back to all foods, have you eaten something you regretted? Maybe tested your limits?

Last night, my husband wanted Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon. I had a half a scoop and regretted it immediately - I didn't feel well at all so I know it's off limits for me. I was such an ice cream person before surgery but now I can't handle even half a scoop -- before surgery, I easily could have eaten half a pint!

We have gone to BBQ restaurants (I am a NY'er who is relocated to NC so there are lots off. By places here), and even a basic pulled pork or a rib is too rich for me, so I know all I can handle is maybe a bite's worth.

It's amazing to me how after surgery my body can't tolerate certain things. I do still eat things as a trial and error and nowhere near the amounts that I was able to eat before.

What about you guys? What foods have you been able to eat before that you can't handle so much now?


  • StevenGarrigus
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    Yeah. The other night, I wanted something sweet. My wife had a Payday and I went for broke. About two minutes into that, I deeply regretted it. Didn't puke or get "dumping syndrome" but my stomach let me know I was never to do that again. :s
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    @StevenGarrigus - isn't that the worst feeling? I had dumped a few times pretty early post op and it's awful!
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    Oh yea, all the time LOL. The difference is now when I do cheat it is a normal serving size (2 cookies not the whole bag), but I can still eat crap I know I am not supposed to and it does add up over time. But I am 13 months out from surgery. I remember for about the first 4-6 months too much of any high fat (deep fried foods, etc.) and high sugar (cookies, candy, chocolate, desserts) made me seriously ill. Anything high fat and sugary like ice cream was the worst, more than a few spoonfuls and I felt awful, nauseated and sweaty, stomach cramps and bathroom issues. I avoided ice cream for a while. Even now, too much ice cream or more than a 4 oz of a milk shake will make me feel sick.

    I've found you can eventually reintroduce just about any food item (even pasta, bread) so if you don't think you will be able to exercise self-control with these items I would avoid them as long as you can. I wish I had. Last night we had a family birthday dinner and I was able to eat chicken cacciatore with pasta (about 3-4 oz chicken and 1/2 cup spaghetti), 1/2 slice of italian bread, and a thin slice of birthday cake without an issue. In reality that is not a lot of food and less than an average person's portion but for me it is a slippery slope! The more carbs i eat, the more I crave them.

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    The no sugar added flavors at Baskin Robbins are pretty dang good...but I can only do the smallest serving without regret.

    The barista at an airport Starbucks obviously forgot to use the sugar free syrup in my latte a few weeks ago...that was a couple of hours of regret and annoyance and sweating.

    At 18 months out, most of my regret usually comes from eating too fast or just eating too much. I'm pretty dang good about eating within the guidelines I set up for myself.
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    I still cannot eat ice cream or milk... those were some very regretable moments early in my journey... :o
  • jcavanna2
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    Ice cream is definitely tough for me and even sugar free varieties don't always sit well either. I did find a really good pasta alternative called Impastable you may want to check out - it is made by Thin Slim Foods. I think it tastes good, and you don't really see a difference between it and regular pasta.
  • loveshoe
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    Cheesecake is no longer my friend. I can eat one or two bites but any more and it wants to come back up. At first I was slightly sad but then I thought I really don't need the cheesecake anyway. I now eat Jello fat free, sugar free cheese cake pudding. I mix it with vanilla or banana premier protein rather than milk. I don't have problems with anything else.
  • jamielslater
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    @loveshoe do u use the premier protein shake in a 1:1 ratio of what it calls for milk?
  • garber6th
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    If i eat anything too sugary or carb-y, or meat with too much fat, my stomach totally gets upset, but also if I eat anything too salty I will get seriously nauseous like I am going to get sick, it's so weird, I was never like that before!
  • jcavanna2
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    @garber6th I am exactly the same as you though haven't had the experience of getting sick if something is too salty (yet). It's amazing how our bodies tolerance levels change!
  • NicoleL874
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    Sugar. My limits are slim with sugar. I try, then have regrets. But, then I try again weeks later, lol!

    @loveshoe I have an awesome cheesecake recipe I keep tweaking. Right now, 1/12 of a 9x9 is: 144 cal, 7 fat, 6 carb (only sugar is from yogurt/dairy), 12 protein. These are the best stats I've gotten so far without sacrificing taste. I'm willing to share as long as people don't share elsewhere. *smile*

    Sugar-free products are AWFUL for me. I have to be so careful and MEASURE a serving. Anything with Maltitol in it will kill my gut if I eat a bite past one serving. HOW DO YOU KNOW GUT, HOW?
  • grim_traveller
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    At 4-1/2 years out, if I eat anything too carb heavy, I will get the sweats and overall crappy feeling a while later. Not bad, not dumping, just reactive hypoglycemia. Total blah feeling. It keeps me from doing it again. Until the next time.

    Ice cream is the worst. More than a spoonful, I want to lay down and die. I avoid it completely. I did get an ice cream maker last year. It's a Cuisinart with built in compressor. It does a great job. I just use a regular protein shake with nothing added. That fills my craving. And it's odd -- I can drink a protein shake no problem, with room to spare. But I can only eat half of one made into ice cream. I mean, it just melts in my mouth, so it shouldn't be filling. But it is.

    RH gets worse the further you are from surgery, too.
  • jcavanna2
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    @grim_traveller what is RH? I also bought an ice cream maker. It never occurred to me to put my protein shake in it - that's brilliant! There are a few recipes for protein ice cream I want to try out. I feel exactly as you do after too many carbs!
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    @grim_traveller That's a great idea with the protein shake ice cream!

    Sweets and rich, heavy food make me sick. I can eat a bite or two and that's it. Sugar-free stuff doesn't really bother me unless it contains maltitol like @nicolel874 said. Bad news bears.
  • NicoleL874
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    @jcavanna2 Reactive Hypoglycemia
  • jcavanna2
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    Ha ha good to know! Never heard of it before
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    jcavanna2 wrote: »
    Ha ha good to know! Never heard of it before

    Hopefully you will avoid it, it is NOT pleasant!
  • jcavanna2
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    Sadly Inhave experienced it just didn't know what it was called
  • cepiotrowski3
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    Ice cream.... when I eat a little too much I feel nauseous. Some times I don't but I don't find out until 15 mins later when it's too late..
    Yet I still eat the crap lol
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    Ice cream! Dairy kills my gut!