ground beef jerky recipe or tips anyone?

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So.... I've seen this recently although I know it's not new. People making jerky out of ground beef.

Before I just pick one and try it, does anyone have a recipe they currently use? Anyone ever try and and what did you think? Any tips on making my first batch?

I would prefer to make it in my oven as I do not have and will not be purchasing a dehydrator.



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    I don't have a recipe for you, but wanted to share a note --- my friend and his family who process a lot of meat call ground beef jerky "old man jerky" since you can eat it with dentures :D
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    I just made some jerky using ground turkey last week. I used my oven and it was great! I purchased a jerky gun on amazon. This made the process so easy.

    Here is what I did:

    1 lb 85% ground turkey
    1 1/2 tsp liquid smoke
    1 1/2 light soy sauce
    1 tbsp hot sauce

    Preheat oven to 170. Mix all ingredients and then load into the jerky gun. Use whatever nozzle attachment you like (I used the round one comes out looking like a slim jim). Push out onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet (it took two of these). Put in oven and put a wooden spoon in oven door to let out moisture.

    I baked for 3 hours turned jerky over, at this point I also had to drain off some grease. I then baked for 3 more hours.

    Take out of oven and change temp to 275. When oven is at temp put jerky back in oven and bake for 10 more minutes. This heats them to proper temp to make them safe to eat.

    When they came out of the oven I placed each one between paper towels and pressed to get any grease out (grease will cause them to go rancid quicker). I then placed them on a cooling rack. I store in a gallon size ziplock bag in the fridge. You do not have to store them in the fridge but it is safer.

    These are so gooood!! You can play with the spices to your liking. I do not like garlic or onion but many people do. You could also add more or less soy or hot sauce.

    I like them so much that next time I will be making a double batch.

    You can also store these in the fridge indefinitely.

    I have read you can make these without a jerky gun by rolling between parchment paper. You could just google it.

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    lol @nataliejo76 yes, I did google it. And found all kinds of methods and recipes. That's why I wanted to see if someone here had already done it.

    Was this the first time you've made it? Or just the first time you've made it with this particular recipe? I've seen recipes that say to dry for 6-8 hours. Some just say 6 some say 8. How do I know they're done and ready for the 275temp?

    (OH but THANK YOU btw for typing out that recipe. We will definitely give it a go regardless)

    @kirkor that's hilarious as one of the reasons I want to try it is: I've been having a strong aversion to eating lately. I absolutely know I'm hungry but just REALLY don't want to eat. I've finally realized that it's because I have this weird hate-on about meat getting stuck in my teeth! (i'm zero carb - probably >97% carnivore - just spices and coffee really) so.... every meal is meat. :)
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    @nataliejo We did it! Thank you! It's great! WEll I think it's great. The Beast wasn't impressed. I love it. We found we needed 8 hours. But i think it's cause they were a bit thick. At 6 hours they just kinda looked like cooked hamburger. At 8 they looked kinda dried out. I used just chili powder and cayenne! I LOVE this! yahooo! Thank you!
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    I'm so glad you liked it. I was amazed at how easy it is. If you want to do this more you might want to consider a jerky gun. I love mine!
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    I have a cold smoker on my traeger and the weather has been mild for MI, I think I will give this a try this weekend - the liquid smoke