Goodbye Hair :(

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My entire adult life, I've had very thin, very fine hair. Basically, I don't have even a strand of hair to spare. I've been fanatical about getting enough protein and taking my vitamins since my surgery 2.5 months ago, but I'm afraid I'm losing hair anyway. I haven't noticed much coming out, but like I said, I wouldn't have to lose much to be totally bald.

I haven't been taking biotin, but I'll start. I think I'm going to end up needing a wig or something. Has anyone else had to go down that road? Any good resources you know of for learning about wigs? I'm sure they're pricey, so I want to make sure I know what to look for before I have to buy.

I know it's just hair and it'll grow back (hopefully), but this has me gutted. I'm embarrassed to be out of the house without a hat on.



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    I know I had quite a bit of hair loss that didn't start until I was about 6-8 weeks out. I was getting all of my protein, plus vitamins, plus biotin and it was still coming out. The good news is, it has started coming back in, it just takes some time. My husband had the same surgery and had no hair loss (the jerk. lol).

    Suave has a biotin shampoo, conditioner, and oil. I started using that about 2 months ago, and have more pronounced regrowth. i.e. all those annoying baby hairs around my hair line appear/are thicker and stick straight out and my hair seems like it's fuller. I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking on my part, or if it's actually helping, but I'm ok with it.
    An option I've been looking at but haven't pulled the trigger on is a product called Monat (shampoo, conditioner, styling products). A friend sells it, and all of the progress photos make it really darn tempting. It's expensive though, so I've been hesitant.
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    I've talked to numerous doctors, one with hair loss herself. They agree there isn't much you can do about it. I take biotin. I am 18 months post surgery. My hair seems better, but as it was fine to begin with, who knows. I just leaned in and cut it really short and enjoy dying it fun colors. I have heard a lot of people say it gets better after a year or so. I will say I have been told by numerous people that wearing hats (so I'm assuming wigs, too) makes the problem worse. It makes the head warm and that retards hair growth. Just look into that if you think you want to wear a wig.
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    I didn't have any noticeable hair loss, but I did take the Hair Skin and Nails vitamins for a while, I am sure those helped.
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    @martabeerich - you make a good point that the wig will probably make the problem worse. I'm just feeling super self-conscious so I don't know what else to do. I already wear my hair very short (I'm due for a cut now). I know there are worse problems, but... ugh.
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    Unfortunately there is really nothing you can do about it, you'll either lose some hair or you won't as a result of the hormonal changes post surgery. However the good news is, it is not permanent and it will grow back. I noticed I started losing hair about 3 months out and started seeing regrowth about 6-9 months out (new short hairs around my hairline). Got myself a shorter, new 'do so it was less noticeable to me. No one else noticed the loss. I am 14 months out and have a bunch of regrowth.
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    Look at Toppik. They make a statically charged fiber powder that you shake onto balding spots and it totally fills it in and looks natural. I have lost a lot of hair on previous weight loss attempts and with PCOS, so I feel your pain! For me, it comes back, though the middle bit between loss and regrowth is the awful.

    I listened to a podcast with a doctor who deals with nutrition and supplementation in wls patients and she said the loss is the middle of a cycle that started back when you had surgery. Those hairs went dormant at that time, about 100 days later they fall out, and the process of regrowth begins (end of the cycle). But it takes a while for it to really show. And if you are still losing weight, you'll have other hairs going dormant in response to low calories and begnining the cycle of dormancy, shedding, then regrowth. But once your weight stabilizes, you should stop seeing losses and be growing lots of hair.
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    I started taking Hair Anew which you can buy on Amazon and that's also helped
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    On top of taking the MAX amount of biotin, try using Nioxin, Viviscal or Keranique. I have used both Nioxin and Keranique and recommend both. Viviscal is supposed to be really good as well! It probably won't stop it, but it will certainly help tremendously.

    If you're feeling self-conscious in the meantime, I would experiment with something like Toppik, which is a hair building fiber spray. It makes your hair appear fuller while helping with regrowth.

    Go to Ulta's website and take a look around. Then price compare with somewhere like Amazon.
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    If a wig can cause problems (I don't know), I know my grandma wore hers when she went out,(chemo treatments) but at home she wore a pretty scarf to hide her baldness. I am having hair loss and not even had surgery yet, but I learned about biotin, and started that. I see a lot less breakage, and less in the hands and hairbrush. I have low iron and that's something I will have to continue to deal with until menopause.
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    I haven't pulled the trigger on a wig yet (still doing some research), but I did pick up a hat to hide under in the meantime. Honest opinion... if you saw me in this hat, would you assume I had cancer?
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    My doctor recommended Nioxion I buy it online, it has helped greatly!!!
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    If I saw you in the hat I'd assume you were cold. I think it's adorable!
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    Nah, it looks good on you!
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    Nope, very cute!
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    @Lisidy I wouldn't ASSUME you had cancer but it could cross my mind. That wouldn't change how I would communicate/interact with you. I think most people wouldn't think anything of it.
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    LOVE the wig!
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    that's very cute on you!
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    I really like it!
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    Love it!