Soft foods tomorrow!

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You'd think with me being so over liquids and protein shakes (they're starting to make me gag) that I'd be more thrilled about soft foods tomorrow, but I think I'm scared... Will it hurt or be uncomfortable? Will I get nauseated? Will the pace drive me insane? Am I worried for nothing?

What did you eat on your first soft foods day if you remember? The surgeon said to start with greek yogurt, but I am hating sweet stuff right now, though it's at least different sweet!


  • jcavanna2
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    Take your time and eat very slowly! My first soft food was ricotta bake from The World According To Eggface and the vanilla custard from the site Bariatric Eating. I also made a split pea soup with ham from Skinnytaste which I blended so it would be smooth.

    Lots of good luck. This is the part where you start figuring out what you will and cannot tolerate but it takes time and patience. I would also recommend getting chewable papaya enzyme if you get that feeling like something is stuck when/if you eat too quickly. That helped me a lot. You can get the papaya enzyme at Target and Wal-Mart
  • StevenGarrigus
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    String cheese was my go-to. Went down very easy and tasted so, so good!
  • chubby_checkers
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    You can get plain/unflavored Greek yogurt if you're tired of sweet stuff. :) It might be a welcome break. Just remember to take small bites and eat slow, and pay attention to how you're feeling (full, sick, etc). It's a learning process.
  • loveshoe
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    I started with yogurt I think. I was sick of sweet foods but I was more afraid of causing damage to my new stomach. I was told only try one new food per day so if I had a problem I would know which food to avoid. I think refried beans were next and they were like heaven on earth to my taste buds.
  • rpyle111
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    My first soft food was a scrambled egg. It was fantastic! Take it slow and you will quickly learn your 'full' signal. If I ate too fast, the 'full' signal came a couple of bites too late.
  • clcmfp
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    So weird to be eating again! It's gone well thus far. It's bizarre for someone who could easily eat a large pizza alone and not be full pre-surgery to have to put 3 oz of tuna salad back in the fridge because I couldn't finish it. New beginnings...
  • Lizakabibbis
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    Greek yogurt, mashed potatoes, and blended cottage cheese w/applesauce were my go to during the soft food phase.
  • jcavanna2
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    Mashed potatoes with melted cheese was another go to for me as well.
  • StevenGarrigus
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    Mmmm...mashed potatoes and melted cheese. Forgot about that.
  • Lisidy
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    I put some black bean soup through the blender. I remember being so happy to eat something that didn't have a sweet taste.
  • jcavanna2
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    Try Skinnytaste split pea with ham soup and blend it - SO good!
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    You can put just about anything in the blender! All sorts of soups, Chili, chicken pot pie filling (I picked out the potatoes), etc. My go-to in that stage was puréed tomato soup or split pea with unflavored protein powder mixed in. Mushy stage my favorite was mashed black beans topped with salsa, shredded cheese, dollop of light sour cream or avocado.